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Should you change your password after HeartBleed - OpenSSL

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First of all,

What is OpenSSL?

OpenSSL is an open source commercial-grade security implementation toolkit. It is used to implement SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) security protocols. OpenSSL is used by a number of small and big firms, even Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. use it.

What is HeartBleed?

HeartBleed is security bug or a programming error that can help hackers exploit all the websites using OpenSSL.

Should you change your password after HeartBleed

Here is a list of websites and apps affected or remained untouched by HeartBleed bug. See if you need to change you passwords orb not.

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Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone - Brief Review

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If you haven’t encountered it yet, sperm race is an endless racing game, with a 3D perspective. Tap down the player sperm, and move it around other sperms, making it sure that you do not touch any of the hazardous ones. The score is based on the number of Enemy Sperms that you have surpassed. The game starts with a slow speed, but with time, the number of enemies and their speed keeps on increasing, hence making it more and more difficult to make higher scores.

Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone

Sperm Race is a free download, currently present only on the windows phone store, but the developer promises to deploy one soon to the android store.

Play Sperm Race on Windows Phone
Sperm Race gameplay
Sperm Race is all about smooth graphics. The game never showed any kind of stutters or lag what so ever. I really liked the way how the front ending of the game has been done, specially the 3D menu screen. Every developer works on the playing scene, but this one has a phenomenal menu screen too, so is its play scene. Also, its awesome that this game supports the parallax view of windows 8.1, right from the first day of its launch!

No strategy of game playing is required, its a perfect boredom buster!!

My Verdict: As the developer says..DOWNLOAD AND START LOADING NEW LIFE!!!

Link to Windows Phone Store : Sperm Race on Windows Store

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PHP Coding - Top 5 ways to get help from PHP Programmers

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Lets start with the problem. You know PHP reasonably good, but still you may find problems with PHP code or maybe MySQL. But what about Linux, I mean the Linux based Operating Systems like Ubuntu, etc.

PHP is great but some day you might wanna work with LAMP stack. You need somebody to help you out with Linux. The permissions can be tricky.

Top 5 ways to get help from PHP Programmers

Here are some resources that, I found extremely useful. Utilize them all as much as you like. But remember don't unnecessarily annoy other users.

PHP Coding - Top 5 ways to get help from PHP Programmers
Get help from PHP programmers

Google Plus 

Majority is still not using Google Plus. But Google Plus groups have high quality users. Especially, PHP Programmers Community, you will get instant answers here. But ask the right question.

Don't be like, "Hey, I have no idea what I am asking?". And don't you are ask too simple questions. The questions that can be very easily Googled.


Don't forget. If you are not willing to Google, then better stop programming. If you are not in the habit of Googling, start it by searching you name on Google's web search and image search. See what you can get.

Okay stop searching for your own name. Back to business. Search your problems.

PHP Manual

How to learn PHP web development? Try as much as you want. But you'll find that even in the best books entire PHP is not covered. Maximum authors leave a number of functions unattended. Some function don't have all the optional parameters explained properly.

In the foot note, there are references of PHP Manual. Maybe a bit uncomfortable but the best book on Earth is PHP's own PHP Manual.


Maximum of your queries are already answered on StackOverflow's forums. Don't miss them. Stack Overflow comes in handy.

Facebook Groups

Not exactly my choice. Facebook can give you hard times in finding the right PHP groups. Also, Facebook is full of idiots. No offence. But you may find users commenting idiotic stuff instead of answers.

Hey, Want any help from me comment below ↓ ↓ ↓

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Top 3 front end resources that every start up web developer should know

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Start Up, a term very common among programmers. Doesn't matter if your application is a web application or a system software package or maybe a console application. To get the required visibility, every start up needs a website. But creating a premium web design is not as easy as it may look.

Top 3 front end resources that every start up web developer should know
Top 3 front end resources that every start up web developer should know

When I created my first start up, I never knew these things even existed. But now, you will know a small but complete set of resources for developing premium front end. All resources given here are related to bootstrap front end framework.

Top 3 front end resources that every start up web developer should know


Bootstrap is a complete front end framework. Bootstrap is a mobile first front end framework, that is, your design will be responsive. With the 12 grid layout you can manage your screen space very efficiently. Bootstrap provides a great documentation, within minutes you can get going.

One best thing about bootstrap is its super fast CDN. Entire bootstrap can be imported from the CDN server directly, and save server cost. Bootstrap CDN.

NOTE - Some functionality require jQuery to work. So, don't forget to include jQuery in your source code.


Bootstrap is used by millions, so there are a great chances of ending up with kind of similar design. Therefore there is a need to customize you front end. This is exactly where Bootsnipp comes in. Bootsnipp is a free HTML snippets to use in your project.

These includes a set of customized codes to create various components like forms, login buttons, social login buttons, tables, pop ups, etc. See the previews, and grab the HTML and CSS from Bootsnipp.

Font Awesome

Bootstrap provides a set of icons to use in form of Sprite Sheets. These icons are known as glyphs. But as a developer you might want more.

Font Awesome provides great set of hight quality icons for free. Now, you can push your design beyond the limit. Another GREAT news, Font Awesome too, is on CDN. You can import directly into your source code.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Top Science Channels on YouTube

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YouTube is full of videos. Of-course videos. and videos. But like Google, YouTube too is a search engine. But like any other search engine, you need to know the best search phrase to land yourself on right results. So, here is a small list that features top science channels on youtube.

Here are some channels that are full of science videos. Enjoy, get entertained and gain knowledge. You won't similar knowledge even on Discovery and National Geographic channel.

Top Science Channels on YouTube

Science channels on YouTube that are listed here do not deal with numerical part. So, no need to fear these videos are as awesome as Sci-Fi movies.


Veritasium deal with answering very simple science questions. These video will amaze you that people out there, including me and you, don't have answers to very simple questions. See the world's new way of approaching daily life events. Join over 1 million other YouTube subscribers.


If you want to take a step ahead. Then you might be interested in these talk videos. Here you will get behind the scenes videos. These are not exactly science videos. In these videos, Derek Muller will be talking to you on different subjects. Sharing his experience.

Vsauce 1,Vsauce 2 and Vsauce 3

All of the Vsauce channels were discussed, in the previous fact file channels on YouTube article. Vsauce 1 deals with answering the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. The second channel, collection of videos from all around the globe featuring weird people and events. The third channel, Vsauce 3, deals with facts about videos game.


Videos on amazing science facts and various fact files. After all "Science is amazing". Subscribe to these channels and have some scientific fun.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Remove bloatware from Android devices

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First, note this only works on rooted device. You are required to root your device before trying the remove bloatware from your Android devices tutorial.

How to root any Android device in one click?

Bloatware are pre-installed applications that comes with your Android smartphone. Maximum of these applications are on trial or are never used. For example, live wallpapers, games on trial and Manufacturer's app store. Common when you have Google Play store why would you use any other app store. Though, it is true that sometimes, you may find useful apps on these Manufacturer's app store.

Remove bloatware from Android devices?

  1. First root your device.
  2. Download "NoBloat Free" from Google Play Store. Its free.

remove bloatware from Android devices
remove bloatware or crapware
There are 4 options-
  1. Disable - Your application will still remain installed but will not work. As if hidden.
  2. Backup - This option will create apk file on your SD card.
  3. Backup and delete - Create apk file and then will uninstall and delete the application. I'll recommend this one.
  4. Delete without backup - No apk file wil be created. But your application will be uninstalled and deleted.
WARNING - Some application may be required by other to work. So don't unnecessarily delete any application.  

Enjoy your free space.

In case of any problem comment below.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

How to root any Android device in one click?

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Maximum Android devices run slow then they are supposed to. You can make them run faster. Moreover a lot of you phone storage is full with bloatware, those software that comes pre-installed in your Android phone you never used and you'll never use.

Remove bloatware from Android devices

For example, a bunch of pre-installed Carrier App Stores like "Samsung App" and pre-installed games that are on trial and you are allowed to play only certain times. Without rooting the device, you can disable the application.

Disadvantages of rooting Android device

  1. Warranty void - Your rooted Android smartphone will be considered as out of warranty.
  2. Bricking you phone - As after rooting you will be able to remove a number of applications from you device. So, it is possible that you'll remove some important app that is required by you phone to work properly. 

Advantages of rooting

You can free a lot of phone memory by removing bloatware from you device. You will also have greater amount of RAM.

How to root any Android device in one click?

There are software that can save you from the technical part. One click and you will be done with rooting your Android device. The best part another click and you can un-root it too. The two software packages are  Kingo Root and SuperOneClick.

Kingo ROOT

how to root any Android device in one click
How to root any Android device in one click
  1. Go to "Developer options" and check "USB debugging".
  2. Connect your phone to your computer and launch Kingo ROOT application.
  3. Wait for the application to connect to your Android device.
  4. Click the Root button and wait till all the processing is done.

enable usb debugging option in Android
USB debugging option in Android 4.1.1
NOTE -  In case you will connect your device without turning on the USB debugging option. The application will automatically guide you through the process with the help of screen shots.


This application also follows similar steps. Enable USB debugging from developer options. Connect and hit the big ROOT button.

In case of any queries feel free to comment below.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Make your Selfie your Gmail theme

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Takin selfie is now a trend. In case you don't know, a selfie is a portrait or DP (Digital Picture) of yourself usually from a hand held digital camers.

Gail now allows users to place their own images like selfies as their Gmail's background image. Gmail also allows you to take your own picture via your WebCam, to help you get instant selfies.

make your selfie your gmail theme
Add custom theme on Gmail 
The Google team is calling it Shelfie not selfie, where the word refers to Shareable Selfie.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Write Better Copies for SEO by Using These Seven Tips

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Copy writing is the very core of search engine optimization. This is due to the fact that Google, Firefox and other search engines utilized several updates that gives weight to quality original articles. Thus, a web master or blogger should know how to deliver the best copies he/she can give in order to excel in today's SERPs.Of course, knowing that you need to write quality copies and actually doing them are two different things. The following are seven easy to apply tips on how to do the latter. Make use of them and you will surely improve your rankings in the future.

Think about your site's niche

What does your site aim to achieve? Is your blog/page focused on discussing the newest trends on the Internet or are you out there to inform everybody about several government conspiracies? Ponder about your goal and always go back there because it's going to be the very thing that holds your site together.Of course, there could be times when straying from your path is good. It's good to break the monotony every now and then. Still, you must never forget your roots for it's going to determine the very identity of your site.

Focus on your strengths as a writer

Do you write things on a personal level or are you more of the "facts first" girl/guy? Can you use hifalutin words without confusing your readers or is it better if you just keep thing as simple as possible? Have a little self-check and know what sets you apart from other writers. Concentrate on your strengths without forgetting to improve your flaws in order to achieve your desired results.

Do some keyword research

Write your article with the appropriate keywords. Keywords are the terms used by web readers in order to search for a specific topic. Thus, having them in your article heightens the chances of your work appearing on various SERPs.Of course, you also have to be mindful about the quality of your work. Stuffing too much keywords in your copy will be counterproductive to what its trying to achieve. Use keywords moderately and see to it that everything comes in perfect unison.

Reiterate important statements

Always put reiteration on notable statements that you wish to be remembered by your readers. It's more likely that your readers will forget the entirety of your work. You lessen the chances of that happening by placing emphasis on key ideas. A good technique in doing this is by playing with the fonts of notable phrases.

Write your content wholeheartedly

Don't underestimate the power of sincerity when writing your copy. Your readers won't enjoy digesting something you never liked doing yourself. If you truly want your audience to be entertained with the content you've made then see to it that you've had fun while doing it.

Polish your work via proofreading

This is one of the most important tips in this list. Seemingly simple grammatical errors could turn off your beloved web readers. It is your duty as a writer to see to it that anything you post adheres to today's standards of grammar. Proofreading takes out the little chinks in your armors which eventually translates to better reception of your work.

Entertain criticism

Avoid getting pissed off when you received criticism. You will never be able to make everyone happy with just one or two articles, regardless of how much effort you've placed into them. The only way you'll be able to improve your craft is by listening to your reader's comments. Be open-minded and hear out those suggestions whenever you can.

The art of copy writing for SEO purposes can't be learned within a span of a day. Heck, you'll be considered lucky if you managed to be decent with it in a week's time. Practice and patience is a must. Steel yourself, do your best and good results will surface themselves eventually.

Author's Bio: Katherine Smithson is a budding copywriter who is trying to pave her way through theblogging realm.Through, she is currently venturing modern writing and blogging in different websites in hopes that someday she'll be able to make a name in the industry of blogging and writing per se.

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How to add Google Analytics to WordPress?

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Google Analytics is used to track the traffic data received on a website or a blog. You as a webmaster can use that data to analyze your visitors or audience. And implement the perfect or more accurate marketing strategies.

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress?

Users rely on plugin to integrate Google Analytics, code into WordPress blog. But accomplishing this task is very simple. Without using any plug-in you can very easily put your Google Analytics code to your blog or website.

Google Analytics recommends to add the code just after the opening body tags <body>. So, we will take that into consideration. You can also add the codes just before ending body tags </body>. The advantage in using the code just before </body> tag is that, it will not hinder the rendering of the page on slow internet connection.
  1. Login into Google Analytics.
  2. Navigate to Admin tab.
  3. Select to Account and Property values.
  4. From Property column click on Tracking Info and select Tracking Code. You will get your tracking code JavaScript here.
  5. Copy all the codes.

Google Analytics to WordPress

  1. Now, login into WordPress blog.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Editor
  3. Select header.php or footer.php.
  4. Now, in case you header.php paste the copied tracking code just below <body> tag. In case of footer.php, you will find </body> tag at the bottom. Paste the Google Analytics tracking code just above the ending body tag, </body>.

Problem with above method

There is one very big drawback. Every time, you will update your template your codes will be gone. So, you are required to do this again if you have applied any update.

In case you have a custom made template, you may rely on this method. Because custom made template don't get regular updates.

how to add google analytics to wordpress
Add Google Analytics to WordPress
So, try using the text widget to avoid the error. Paste the codes, in any text widget and place it anywhere.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

How to learn PHP web development ?

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PHP is a very popular language. Yet, it is the most easy to start with. In case you have no idea about the popularity of the language, let me tell you, Facebook is powered by PHP. Top CMS or Content Management Systems namely, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are made using PHP and MySQL. Magento a very popular e-commerce framework, is made using PHP.

learn PHP web development
PHP web application on Sublime Text
So, it is quite clear. If you learn PHP web development,  you can rule the web. Create any type of application. PHP is open source, and has a vast external library that you can use, like PEAR package and frameworks like CodeIgnitor, CakePHP, Symphony, Zend, etc.

Prerequisite- What you need to know to learn PHP?

Any one can learn PHP. Even if you are from a non-programming background. Having previous knowledge of any programming language will just help you learn things quicker. You can skip basics, as they are always same in maximum programming languages.

  1. HTML - HTML is important to develop a web application. But to learn PHP, only a very basic understanding of HTML is sufficient.
  2. CSS - Again, CSS is important to make your web application look beautiful, but to learn PHP, it is not required at all.

Does that mean, I can go with PHP with very basic knowledge of HTML?

The answer is, Yes. But don't think that you can survive without HTML. Thinking that would be a pitfall.

Resources to learn PHP

Starting with HTML, CSS and PHP, before diving straight into it, start with getting familiar. The best way to learn basic HTML and CSS is nothing other than W3School.

So, now you have-
  2. - an online web development tutor.
  3. Books - Doesn't matter how many on-line portals you visit, to learn PHP you always need a book.

Books on PHP web development

I read two books to learn the basics. Beginning PHP 5.3 by Matt Doyle and Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional 4th Edition by W.Jason Gilmore. You can go for any of them, but to give a little more recommendation. Go for first book if you are from non-programming background and if you have a programming background then go for the later one to learn PHP.

PHP editor or PHP IDE

You need some program to edit your PHP codes. There are a number of IDE available for PHP like Aptana Studios, NetBeans, etc. But don;t go for any of it. All you need is a PHP Editor, go for Sublime Text. It is a PHP editor and is very light with code completion and syntax highlighting. That is all you need. No need to go for bulky IDE.

Video Tutorials on PHP

Web is full of tutorials on PHP. A great series is available on On YouTube, there is a channel named The New Boston they have a playlist of 200 videos that will cover almost everything.

PHP on Google Plus

Join PHP communities on Google Plus. This will help you a lot. You might encounter a number of problems while implementing PHP. But some times there will be errors, or logical problems that you may encounter. Just ask on these communities, all your queries will be answered. You can also ask in the comments below.

For any query related learning the language online or offline, please comment below. You'll get your queries answered ASAP.

Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog. An always learning web developer.

Friday, 7 March 2014

5 Ways to Increase Traffic from Social Media to Your Site

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Hold your horses and saddle kitties because you are not going to get that much traffic from social media. The online “guru”, “experts”, “marketing companies” and articles are lying to you for their own ends. Facebook and their research affiliates have even run tests themselves, along with other independent groups, and the most commonly held belief is that Facebook only provides an 8% conversion rate that jumps up to 12% if you include mobile Facebooking.

Other social media sites are tiny in comparison to Facebook, with the leading competitor (Twitter) being only 25% the size and 25% as popular as Facebook. It is possible to increase your traffic direct from social media, but the increase is not going to turn your business around. Here are five ways to increase traffic from social media.

Get the influencers on your side

“Influencers” is a fairly new social media term and it means people on social media who have influence over others. The easiest to spot are those on YouTube who make funny posts or review things in a funny way and their subscribers go out and buy the stuff they just recommended. The most well known nest of influencers exists on Twitter, and that is evident by the fact that celebrities are jamming it up and are able to command people to go out and buy things via their influence on Twitter.

Help out other social media users 

It is a nice way of making friends with not just the person you are answering, but also the people who are also on the site. Plus, many times when a popular question is asked on social media then it appears on the Google search engine results too, so your top answer may get a lot more coverage than you know.

If a person asks, “Who’s the hot woman in black in this Iron Man 2 clip”, then tell him who she is (it was the sexy goddess Scarlett Johansson). Answer questions and people will pay attention to your profiles. If someone asks a question on LinkedIn then you can make a lot of friends by answering it correctly, and even on Facebook there are people who will monitor your profiles if you appear to know stuff that they want to know.

On social media platforms, users who are satisfied by your answer, usually check your profile. You can also gain some additional followers on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

Use a social media posting tool 

If you have any sense then you already have a blog scheduling tool and an RSS feed scheduling tool. Now you should also have a social media network posting tool. There are two reasons for this, with the first being that at peak times you can make more impact but you cannot always be there to post so you can let your scheduling tool do it.

Secondly, you can write posts all day and plan them out for the whole week. You can plan them out, load them to your tool and have it post them out all week at the best times. You can even set up a routine so that people know when to look at your social media profile for the next posting.

Make it clear you are following the influencer 

You can go onto Twitter and follow a bunch of people and they will follow you back, but if you are going to try it on other social media networks, then follow the influencers. For example, on Facebook an influencer is going to have a lot of people looking at the profile, so it cannot hurt to have your profile next to a comment on there.

On YouTube you may also see what channels that other people are subscribed to, and you may show influencers that they are following them with the hopes that they will follow you. If you are going to follow or subscribe to an influencer, just try to make sure that he or she knows about it (for the best effect).

Have people come to you for information 

This is not as silly as it sounds when you consider that it is sometimes easier to ask a person on social media something obscure when you cannot find it on Google. The search engine results and other websites are not that great, and many times you find yourself scratching around for information that you know exists such as what was that epic episode of the X-Files called with the long single scene rolling shots? (Triangle, production cost over $2.5 million).

Now, imagine trying to Google such a question and you get stuck, but go onto Twitter or Facebook and ask an X-File expert and he may even tell you the that the episode had more than 18.20 million viewers which is ten times more than many TV shows available today. Be that person with the information and you will be called on online guru.

Author bio: The author of this article is Sonia J. She's from that helps students to choose the most reliable and professional essay writing service.