Sunday, 5 June 2011

World's toughest and biggest board

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UP Board
The world's most toughest education board has now turned to the biggest board too. With maximum number of students studying. The newspaper shows an estimate of about 431,273 students in this board, as reported on 5th of June 2011. The thing that will amaze you more is that all the students are from a single state not a country, as it is a state board.
Now, that's a thing to be thought of, that though CBSE and ICSE are deemed to be a better education option but still UP Board forms the main educational hub of this state.
Chart of Students from different Cities-
State- Uttar Pradesh
Country- India

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Facebook for Unborn

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It took me a year long to have a friend list of 'round 75 and the same is with most of you too. But this unborn made a friend list of 100 within a day.
About four months into her pregnancy, a Texas woman announced it on facebook. Made a page for the unborn and sent over 100 friend requests and got 'em all accepted within a day.
Well, it's a thing to be thought that this much friend request cannot be sent. But TOI cannot go wrong.
Name of unborn- Marriah Greene
Date- June 2 2011
                  Source- TOI