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url shortner

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On many websites, like twitter, 160by2, way2sms. You have a character limit of round 'bout 160 characters per message or tweet. In here if you want to send a link with a message, the character lengths exceeds 160 and makes you unable to send the message and link together.
For this here's a solution.

shortened url
You can get you large url shotened to 'bout this much. There are sites that provide you with facility to shorten your url, they are-

Best app for screenshot

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Screen Grab from No Nonsense Software. Though Windows 7 comes with it's own screenshot app called Snipping Tool.
Cost: free.   Download.

Nokia 808 PureView

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Nokia ready to launch Nokia 808 PureView.
The most awesum feature of this new launch is that it has got 41 MegaPixal camera. Has HDMI and DLNA outputs, NFC and Wi-Fi. More over, Nokia Maps for navigation, sixteen Gb built in memory which is expandable upto 32Gb or 48Gb.
Phone has height, width and thickness of 123.9mm, 60.2mm and 13.9mm respectively, and weighs only 169grams.

Philips DS6100 Speaker Dock

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Philips DS6100 Speaker Dock has aluminum casing and silver finish. Excellent suiting with Mac's design, iPod and iPhone. It has a pair of neodymium

speakers that output at 20 watts RMS(root mean square). Dock also has a 3.5mm jack to connect other devices.

Price $180 (expected)
arrival may 2012

Nikon D800

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Nikon launches all new D800 DSLR camera. It has a 36.3 megapixel CMOS sensor. 
Also has advanced Scene Recognition System
It has EXPEED 3 image processing engine with 91,000 pixel RGB sensor.
ISO sensitivities ranges from 100 to 6400, with extended Lo 1(50) and Hi 2 25,600 ISO sensitivity.

In simple words its just awesum.

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Understanding Blog

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It was May 2009, when I found blogger. Created one for myself. Blogged and still had one question in my cerebrum. 
What is blogger?
Blogger is a service provided by Google, that lets you host a website or a diary of your own that has posts. Now a particular website or diary is called a blog, and the date to date content is called post. These posts are arranged in reverschronological order, i.e, recent dated post first.

There are other services that provide with this service, like Wordpress, TypePad, LiveJournal, etc. But I recommend to use Blogger.

Actually this thing was always on the web, but I was searching wrong by putting blogger in Google search engine. So I have an intuitive feeling that some others may also be searching the same and for them here it is.

Creating Google Adsense account

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Go to blogger.
Select any one blogs from the list of your blogs.

Go to Earnings
Create Account
Here if you already have an account you can link it through 'Link the account'.

Sign up for Adsense 
Fill Up the form
Remember this is not Gmail account that you can create one after the other. Google provides one account per person. Even the same address cannot be entered for two accounts.

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Where to promote my blog

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Just another question. But a quite good one.
Where to promote my blog?

  1. Google+
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Stumble upon
  5. If you comment on others blog you read. Then if asked to put website you must put it. Don't spam.
If you have more comment it. It'll be added.

What Adsense Pays You

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What Adsense Pays You? The basic question that I had from the beginning. But never got the answer. I tried to search a lot. Google never discloses it. Every search showed this.
But finally I have the answer- According to some survey Google Adsense pays you 70% approx of the revenue collected from the ads.

How to blend ad of Adsense on custom templates

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Look at these two ad units-

Adsense not blended. Looks separate and even template looks weird
Adsense blended. Don't looks separate and even template looks normal.
It's no cheat to blend your adsense with template. Google recommends to blend it.
You need- screen grab or snipping tool(available in Win7) and Photoshop or Paint .NET.

How to-

1. Just take one screen shot.
2. Open it in Photoshop or Paint .NET.
NOTE- The screenshots below are of photoshop, you can also use Paint .NET which is free available on internet. Steps are quite similar.
Choose pick colour 
3. Pick color from templates. Like text color, background color, link color. You will need to access hexadecimal color code.
click on the color
4. This box will open.
Copy this hexadecimal code.
Paste the codes here with #
Apply and you're done.

Is my account information secure on Google Adsense

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Google uses standard SSL technology to protect your information. Taxpayer ID numbers are in encrypted format, this provides information with additional security. Google can share this information with trusted third parties for the purpose of verifying your identity. 
Don't worry.

What is SSL technology-secure socket layer.

Earnings on hold Google Adsense

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When I logged into my Google adsense page. It says earnings on hold. This is basically due to incomplete Adsense profile. In the image above the earnings are below threshold. But that is not the reason even if the earnings are above threshold you won't receive any payment in any form.

How to complete profile

  1. Address verification- Google needs to verify your address, for that Google will contact you on the address given in profile and will send you a verification PIN. Enter that verification PIN.
  2. Payment method not selected- There are many options, how you want to receive your payments. Select one.
  3. Tax information- Google needs your tax information. Is my information safe on Google.
  4. Payment threshold- You need to reach minimum paymant threshold, for payments to be made.
After your profile is complete.

Understanding Adsense Performance reports

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This graph is available in the performance tab of the Adsense.
Check the boxes to see in graph.

Q. What is-

Estimated earnings- Your account balance for the time period selected. This amount is an estimate that is subject to change when your earnings are verified for accuracy at the end of every month.
Page views- A page view is generated every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. We will count one page view regardless of the number of ads displayed on that page.
Clicks- For standard content ads, the number of times that a user clicked an ad. For link units, the number of clicks received by ads on a page resulting from a link click.
Page CTR- Page click-through rate (CTR). The number of clicks received divided by the number of page impressions.               CTR= clicks/page views
CPC- (Cost-per-click) Amount that an advertiser pays each time ad is clicked. In your reports, your CPC column reflects your estimated earnings divided by the number of clicks that you've received.
Page RPM- Total earnings divided by one thousand page views.
 Well you can get these terms by clicking the '?' icon.
What is actually paid?

Basic concern of beginners viewing adsense performance report

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Basic concern of beginners viewing adsense is what you will be paid.
Click to enlarge

If you look at the totals you'll be confused. Should I add them all or anything else. But you don't have too. Basically it's the esimated earnings that you are paid. And the estimated earnings are a bit lower from what is displayed on your Adsense dashboard.

After end of each month, your adsense total earnings are recalculated and finalized which results in a bit lower. Actually, your total revenue collected is verified and the end of each month. This results into some deductions.