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Understanding Adsense Performance reports

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This graph is available in the performance tab of the Adsense.
Check the boxes to see in graph.

Q. What is-

Estimated earnings- Your account balance for the time period selected. This amount is an estimate that is subject to change when your earnings are verified for accuracy at the end of every month.
Page views- A page view is generated every time a user views a page displaying Google ads. We will count one page view regardless of the number of ads displayed on that page.
Clicks- For standard content ads, the number of times that a user clicked an ad. For link units, the number of clicks received by ads on a page resulting from a link click.
Page CTR- Page click-through rate (CTR). The number of clicks received divided by the number of page impressions.               CTR= clicks/page views
CPC- (Cost-per-click) Amount that an advertiser pays each time ad is clicked. In your reports, your CPC column reflects your estimated earnings divided by the number of clicks that you've received.
Page RPM- Total earnings divided by one thousand page views.
 Well you can get these terms by clicking the '?' icon.
What is actually paid?

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