Friday, 23 March 2012

Top 4 Website for free photoshop brushes

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Maximum of us are photoshop addicts. And if you want to look a pro you need to have saome pro bushes too. Here are the top 4 websites that offers you with free photoshop brushes.

1. BrushKing

2. Brusheezy




e-mail your google analytics data directly from google analytics

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Google Analytics provides with a very handy tool. The Email option.

Visitors Overview in Standard Reporting section you'll find the Email Beta button. It provides you with an option to email your selected date range analytical data to any other user. The statiscal data reaches the user as an attachment to the mail. You can send it in CSV, TSV, TSV for Excel or PDF. If you want to download instead than go to the export button just next to email beta button. Download will be available in the same four options as that of email.

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Stock Market overview with Google Finance

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Google introduced Google Finance to have overview of stock markets at a glance. You can have an overview of World Market, Currencies, Bonds, Trends and Sector Summary directly from your homepage. You have the freedom to add portfolio.

Always remain updated with news section on the upper right corner. This news section is marked with alphabets which are even embedded in the graph to let you have a clearer idea of rise and falls reasons. Moreover the Stock Screener section has a lot more.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Facebook uses Google Adsense to ad itself

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Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook may be much more rich than Google but even Facebook uses Google's advertising program to advertise itself.

Below as you see is a screenshot of my blogger account, when I, for the first time saw Facebook ad ever and that too on Google's advertising program Google Adsense.

And here one more,

As soon as I saw this I knew it worth a share and here it is.

BSNL broadband problem: Link breaks suddenly

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Many of us are using BSNL broadband services. Now, I'd like to tell an unexpected error in your landline that will indicate a probable problem with your broadband too.

Apart from dead line, other minor problems in you landline connectivity may indicate a probable error in your broadband too.

The first is noisy line and second is when your landline don't show Caller ID (the number of the one calling). These two errors may lead to poor net connectivity. The link drops suddenly. DSL or Link light of your modem may continue to blink for more than the appropriate time, or may start to blink suddenly causing disconnection.

This third Caller ID error is usually not noticed and we feel we are using the wrong services.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Reach HTML of Dynamic Views

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The new updated interface of Blogger do not let the users reach the HTML if they are using the Dynamic Views. Not even this if you want to have a look on the older look of Blogger than this will help you to get to it.

Just try using this address here. Basically this is the address to add widget via HTML or Add Page Element. But this thing makes itself useful in reaching the older interface. All you need is log in and paste or click the link.

You'll reach Import Page Element page. Select your desired blogger blog. You may or may not put a tittle in the Title column. Now, you see a notification Required field must not be blank so put any thing in it, a mere alphabet will do. Now Click Add Widget.
If you have no Title entered in Title field then this particular page element will appear as HTML/JavaScript.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Traffic Source: Google Analytics

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There are three types of traffic sources.
  1. Search Traffic- This is the traffic of users who land on your website or blogger via some search on any Search Engine. That is, if a user searches for any content on a search engine and the result is shown for that particular search has your address in it and the user click it to reach to you. If you have Google Analytics or any other analytic service integrated to your site or blog. Then try adding up the visits for keywords, they'll be equal to visits in search Traffic area like above it is 6 visits.
  2. Referral Traffic-  This simply means when users reach to a web address by clicking on the link from some other sites. Well if you have a blog then you need to promote using free services. Just writing won't let good amount of traffic directed to your address, especially if you are a beginner.
  3. Direct Traffic- When users reach your spot by sources other than the above two. Basically that is when your web address is directly typed into the address bar or when your link is clicked in any offline document or other offline sources. You might be knowing this that when a linked is clicked in any document it is directly added to the address bar of your default browser. And that will interpreted as putting web address directly into address bar.
There is a fourth category too, called Campaign. This shows traffic received via paid Google ads.

ChromeVox: Screen Reading extension in Chrome

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ChromeVox is a screen reading extension provided by Google for Chrome. Vox is also available for firefox.
All you need to do is configure your browser or OS with it, and it all turns into a reader. It provides you with a rich amount of keyboard shortcuts to have ease of access.

This extension is created basically for blind people. The upcoming world is a world of laptops, iPad, Notebooks. And even in this coming world blind will be able to use and have access to all net resources just like Braille. Though it may be the first step, but it's good thing to be developed.
It provides with keyboard shortcuts to turn on or off ChromeVox.

You can get ChromeVox from Chrome Web Store.
Read more about- 

The problem may lie in clashing shortcuts. Like to move to next paragraph the shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow but this shortcut clashes and makes my entire screen upside down. Actually these shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys orients my screen resolution in four different orientations.

Indexing your site to a Russian Search Engine Yandex

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Going through the web I was trying to index my site. Basically I was submitting my site map to Google and to Yahoo & Bing. Then I felt like trying to index my site to other search engines too.

Here's the first one-


Just submit your site address here, no need to sign up for webmaster account. Though the instructions are on the site but I'll state them here too. If your web address has standard prefix like http you don't need to include them, but if it has https then you need to include it.
get indexed by yandex, a Russian search engine
Submit your site to Yandex
Now you have option to create an account for Yandex Webmaster tool. Sign in to get access, or just do directly by the above link.

Access more SEO articles here. If you are a feedburner user, you can access Feedburner tutorials here.

Monday, 19 March 2012

MS PowerPoint During slideshow shortcuts

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There are about forty shortcuts in MS PowerPoint that can be used during the slideshow. 
I am not going to write 'em all down here, instead I'll give the shortcuts to reach those shortcuts. 
You can get them by pressing F1 key during the slideshow.

Check ping from your desktop

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Though there are online sites that help you to know the actual value of your bandwidth and ping. For example-

Though the results from this site, I don't trust 'cause it shows approx 1.32Mbps download speed. But I am having a net connection of bandwidth of 1Mbps upto 6Gb then it drops down to 512Kbps. How can this site results be trusted.

What is Ping?
Ping is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer.

How to check ping from your desktop?

Open command prompt (All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt).
In Command Prompt type   ping [site address] -t  
Directly put   ping [site address] -t   in run.

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Facebook detects Narcissists

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What is narcissists?
Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder. The NPD individuals are described as excessively preoccupied with their own issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. NPD is closely linked to egocentrism.

What is egocentrism?
Egocentrism is a personality trait. The person holds the view that their ego is the center, object, and norm of all experience. Confined in attitude or interest to one's own needs or affairs. In simple words when you say someone is selfish.

Are you narcissist? No. of Facebook friends holds key

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Twitter application for your Desktop

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What is TweetDeck?
TweetDeck is an application provided by Twitter. It brings more flexibility and insight to power users. The application can be downloaded for both Mac and Windows. Though you require a net connection (can't help with that), but you get the freedom to receive and tweet directly from your desktop.
The application gives you freedom to add upto eight columns, serving you in different ways. These columns will appear side-by-side.
But you need to create an separate account for TweetDeck, your Twitter credentials won't let you into TweetDeck. You can later add you twitter account. Moreover you are liable to add multiple Twitter accounts to TweetDeck. If you want even more, then I must tell you are free to integrate your facebook too.

Arrange your feeds
with customizable columns

Focus on what matters
with powerful filters

Schedule Tweets
to suit your audience

Monitor and manage
unlimited accounts

Stay up to date
with notification alerts for new Tweets

Google Chrome user's can get this as an app directly integrated in their browsers. All you need to do is sign in into your chrome browser. Search of get the link from TweetDeck home page.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Stop windows 7's dim

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Whenever you or any program tries to install or make any changes to your system your desktop dims. Basically it is for security reasons. But how to stop it.

Go to-
Control panel> System and security> Action Centre.
In the 'Security' drop down menu you'll find 'User Account Control'. Click 'Change settings'. You may also find it in left sidebar. Or use search in start menu and type 'User Account Control settings'.

User Account Control settings

What are User Account Control settings?

User Account Control (UAC) notifies you before changes are made to your computer that require administrator-level permission. The default UAC setting notifies you when programs try to make changes to your computer, but you can control how often you are notified by UAC by adjusting the settings.

The following table provides a description of the UAC settings and the potential impact of each setting to the security of your computer.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

windows 8 consumer preview screenshots

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Integrating Google Analytics

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Click Access Analytics.
You'll be asked to sign in. There will be a sign up button again. Click that.
Fill up the form. 
1. The account name that it asks for is not your account name it can be anything you want. Basically it is, name assigned to your site account. For example you have multiple sites or blogger accounts.
2. There are different User Agreements for residents of different country so don't forget to select your country again.

Click create account and you're done with creating account.

How to integrate in-

Integrating Google Analytics in blogger: Getting tracking code

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First of all no HTML required for integrating into blogger.

Sign in into goole analytics.
All accounts will open up.
Select account from the list.
Click 'Admin' tab> Tracking Code. There you'll get your tracking ID.

Tracking ID: UA-xxxxxxxx-x

Copy it.
Go to your blogger. Select the one you entered while creating account.
Go to Settings> Others. There you'll find Analytics Web Property ID. Paste Tracking ID here.

Why not to copy content in blogger

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When Google or any other search engine finds your content copied, it lowers down your page ranking. 

That is, when search engine is searched for a particular content that you wrote and is copied then you page will be showed after a number of sites. So, people will open some other's site never your's.

Apart from this-
You may not be able to sign up for Adsense,
If you already have an adsense account it may get terminated.

Note- copying don't means only other's content it may apply to your own as well. That is, you are not allowed to write the same thing again and again.

Learn photography basics

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Photography is a thing of utmost interest to many people. They do have a digital SLR camera but no proper knowledge, about photography. Though there are many online and offline as well as correspondence courses available, if in case you want to learn it.
Now, I let you to a basics class that is free. All you need is a net connection and a device.

Learn about DSLR Photography 

In that, you will be learning about-
  • types of digital camera
  • digital camera working
  • comparison of cameras
  • holding
  • simple focusing techniques
  • zooming and positioning
  • exposure
  • use of flash

Where are tutorials?

Simple but important question. That's all what this post is about. All you need to do is go to Nikon's home page . There in the slide show you will find it or Nikon's asia site link is here (this is just the beginner guide).

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Advantage of creating Google+ page.

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The best advantage is the Hangout option provided in Google+ pages.

Now ever imagined how is like to have a live going video conversation between the customer and the client. While you can even post regular updates side by side. Now that's an advantage too but, you know, other companies like the well known Facebook also provides you with that facility. But this Hangout option has over ruling powers.

Well that's a matter of fact that you will opt to create both.

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Problem with dynamics view in blogger

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Apart the gadget thing, that Dynamic Views don't support. There are many more things that have problems.

1. According to Google policies you can publish three ads at a time but with Dynamic Views on two.

2. As a beginner, or the one who don not have the knowledge of HTML, playing with its layout is kind of restricted. Doesn't matter where you put things in the Layout section it always continue to display the same.

3. Color Blending- As I discussed in my earlier post, that blending the ads may help you increase earnings. That thing don't apply here. You can change the color save it and it'll be saved but changes don't apply.

4. I feel there's a problem with preview too. Do you've ever noticed there's no Preview label on upper left corner. Moreover if you have ever noticed the address bar it gets redirected from the preview address to your homepage address.

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Force on Keyboard due to keystroke.

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Ever wonder how much force is applied by your finders and thumbs on your keyboard.
Even I never wondered.

But a small sized spring balance in my home made me wonder. And so I set up a small experiment to calculate the force. Now mine guesses just before the experiment were just about 25 to 50 grams.
But the results came out to be different.

How much force ?

When you press-
  • Single key- force may be upto 230 grams
  • A regular enter stroke- 430 grams
  • Repetitive enter stroke- may reach upto 560 grams.
  • Hard enter stroke- sometimes reach upto 750 grams.
  • Shift plus special character key by single hand- while pressing Shift you reach upto 520 grams and with the special character around 720 grams.

Amazing huh! My guesses weren't even close.

WordWeb: english dictionary

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WordWeb is a rich English dictionary avalable on the web.

Apart from getting the mening of the desired word, what else can wordweb give you.
Here are some extra feature,
Nearest- get the nearest word excess.
Synonyms- get synonyms.
Web References- Conect to internet ang get data from Wiki direct into WordWeb.

Now, this one is the best.
WordWeb offers you with a shortcut, Ctrl+W. If you are going through a word document and have WordWeb installed, you get to a word and you don't know it meaning just simplt select the word press Ctrl+W and WordWeb will automatically search for that word and show you the meaning.

There are two versions available free and pro. If you are a beginner free works just fine for you though advance learner may need pro version.

WordWeb Pro. Free one looks pretty same.

Why to blend Adsense ads.

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Now, if Google provides you with tools to customize you ad template. Then why not use it. And of-course doing that never means your cheating. 
The thing is simple. Imagine a site with green template. The owner applies for Google Adsense. 

Gets approved. Now what, your Adsense template is of white color and that is on a green background. The Adsense template that you got for your good now serves nothing more than a spot. And you know what, spots are better on animals than on your site.
So, why not blend it. You know nowadays people are wise enough to distinguish an ad from the content. So this makes it necessary to blend. But you need to have higher CTR in order to collect maximum money out of it.
The art of getting higher CTR don't only lies in great quality content. It lies in checking ignorance of your ads made by users.

What is CTR?
CTR is click-through-ratio, that is, percentage or ratio of your page-views successfully getting converted into clicks.

How to blend the best?
Simple, open the adsense customization option, from Layout, click edit Adsense (in the Gadget). Now just try to match the adsense template to the template of your site.
For a better method click here.

Blogger's Overview and stats

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Blogger's overview and stats, are very good features provided.  They help you to keep track of  the activity of users that land on your page. But if you are really interested in blogging seriously, then you need more than these stats. 

You, know merely knowing the pageviews is not enough, and never enough enough when you can get more than that. And that too at a very affordable cost of $0 only. Now that's the deal of the day, and every coming day.

Now it's a very big confusion, overview stats are the number of times your page has been accessed, not the traffic or the number of people that have landed at your site. Traffic is something very different. It's, in simplest words, the user which land on your page. Now if that user browses through your sites page that is pageviews. 
      Number of visitors * Average pageview=total pageview.

People strive to get more traffic, starting from twitter to digg. They usually notice an increase in stats number, and concieve themselves with the thought to have got more traffic.If you are a regullar blogger and post your updates regullarly. Then you need some more. The solution lies in Google's another products. Google Analytics.

Basics disscused in next post.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Strategies to hold your visitors (blog)

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Hold your visitors.
Three basic aspects that will help you in holding your visitors.
1. Quality Content.
2. Interlinking.
3. Intralinking.

Quality Content-
This thing some times proves, blogging thing to be a drag to do. The things simple it takes time. Just creating blog, getting approved and having Adsense going on it. That's not all. What it'll do is end you up a quitter. 'Cause money won't show up. It's all 'bout buildind a data base of original content.

This is a very powerful tool in your hand when you blog. Ever bought shoes from a shop. You go for a sport shoe, you tell the shopkeeper, and if one sportshoe don't suits you. Then the shopekeeper will show you another sportshoe, but never a sleeper.
Interlinking is the very same thing. If you post a news 'bout some celebrity, the you may provide them with clickable links that leads to some other celebrity gossip. At the end of you post you may clearly suggest with text that is embeded with a link.

NOTE- Though you can give any number of links but sticking to five or six is better. If you don't have five relevent posts then give the irrelevent ones but the same category. Remember first have a descent number of posts. Interlinking two post in such a way that they are not repeated. For example- user reads a post and clicks a link in 'You may also like' and the end of that post have repeated link.

(NOTE- I discussed it here but it's not the way to hold a visitor instead it's just like redirecting.)
If you have another blog or you are author in some friends site or blog. You can link it with the others. So that ones a user visit he gets more than one option. And it's better sometimes to have. Just like making a new tab naming in 'more' or 'other from the author' etc.

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Advantages of commenting on blog

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1. Get a backlink. If you'll provide your website link when asked while commenting. The backlink will help you get some extra google juice. Furthermore, Google Page Rank tends to get higher. A way to better SEO.

Will the above method considered spamming?

No. Providing a link when asked in a comment is not spamming. Here the link is added as your signature. If the user is interested in you or your comments then he/she may try to contact you, that's it and that's all. Spamming is when you put your link in the comment and try to advertise, unnecessarily and irrelevantly.

2. You can have conversation with the people of the same or sometimes different interest.

3. It'll help you develop some skills too.

4. You may get the opppurtunity to know what others want to read.
For example, if you have a blog/site then you can ask the other 'bout their interest in that particular category (your blog's category).

5. If a comment is there on your blog try to reply to maximum. Even a 'thank you' for a 'complement' may most probably sooth the reader. Act friendly, formal conversation not required.

Give it a start here. Comment box is below. Lets talk a bit.

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Do's and Dont's in Blogger and Adsense

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In primary classes we read Do's and Dont's.
But here I'm giving you some Dont's that change themselves to Do's just because of a little ignorance.

Avoid overlapping
When you place two or three ads on a page. One big mistake that happens is they overlap. This thing can be easily overcome by adjusting width, of the body and sidebars.

Avoid image ads
In some past days, while surfing through some sites. I found myself busy avoiding and overlooking image ads. Then I wondered why still I have image ads on mine. The reason is simple the one paying for the large single image ad, obviously would be paying large. And if he is paying large than I would receive large. But what's the use of a large paying ad that won't get clicked. Only because it clearly says "I'm ad Ad".
Now, there's one big advantage, but only to advertisers and that's image ads catch ones eye and along-way avoid the click too. So these pay per click ads advertise without getting clicked. The first thing I did was, you know, now I only have text ads going on my site.

Avoid too narrow post body
If you have gone through other's blogs. Then you must have found that atleast one out of thirty blogs have a very narrow post body. Buddy, that looks way too weird. When you set your post body width always remember, nowadays fourteen to twenty inches LCD's are very common. And most users do have it. Even mine is eighteen and a  half. So adjust the width of entire blog round 'bout 900 pixels. I've set mine to 'bout 1000 pixel.

Avoid too many gadgets
As a beginner, I always loved too have too many gadgets in my side bars. But now I feel having 'em all was just because of newness of interest. That is, just like being a child who is attracted by new toys.

Recover your files deleted from recycle bin

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I was deleting multiple files. And with that I deleted some important ones too. Files got deleted from my recycle bin too. You know the Shift+Delete+Enter habit (this is a short cut that deletes the files from recycle bin too).

Can files be recovered after being deleted from recycle bin?

Now, the simplest way is to use TuneUp Utilities.
It's got a utility, named TuneUp Undelete.
Just open it. Select the drive from which the file was accidentally deleted.
Click next put the search criteria if any.

It's useless to search the file by name, because firstly, names are changed, secondly there are a thousand or more files. Though if you know the file type like a movie file and have rough idea about the size. Then you can track it much more easily by tracking the default icon like VLC media player icon for movie file.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


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What basically is fragmentation?

Your drive is fragmented, when the files saved are saved in some fragments instead of being on one place.
Thing is simple just like, your sixty pages file. But the pages are scattered. One on the table and other sometimes below the table or even your bed. You can basically imagine a boy's messed up room. You know where are they, but it'll take some time to get full access.

Solution is to defragment.
Go to All Programs> Accessories> System Tool> Disk Defragmenter.

Or you can use external software. Like Disk Keeper or Tune Up Utilities.

TuneUp Drive Defrag

Ultimate eBook reader Kindle

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First Kindle device was launched on November 19, 2007. Since then The device has gone through a series of evolutionary changes. An now a series of Amazon Kindle are available on Amazon.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is an eBook reader.

What's the advantage?

The device has got an e-ink display technology that reduces glare to high extents. That is, you can easily read in bright lights even sunlight.
It's got a nice one month battery life. So, it doesn't matter your are in your home or on a vacation, you can read your favouriet or a new release, without fearing discharges.
The device even comes 3G and WiFi technologies embedded in it. This makes the device capable of downloading free eBooks, Shoping eBooks, access Wikipedia on the go.

Taking Screenshot in Ubuntu

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Go to 
Applications> Accessories> Take Screenshot.
Take Screenshot will open up.
You can-
Grab the whole desktop
Grab the current window
Grab a selected area.

How to take screenshot of menu?

Set, Grab after a delay of ____ seconds.
Click Take Screenshot and within the set time open up the menu of which you want to screenshot.

Configuring DSL connection in Ubuntu

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On the upper right side of Ubuntu desktop. There's the network icon. Here the one shaped "two computer screens".
Click that. Go to VPN Connections> Configure VPN.

Network Connections dialog box will open. Go to DSL tab. Click Add button.
Editing dialog box will open.
Put username, Service and password in it. Apply and you're done.

Get more followers in twitter

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Many have twitter accounts. But number of followers low, low enough that it is useless for promoting purpose.
How to get your twitter account promoted?

Here's the solution.
There's a site going on the web, twiends.

All you need is to sign up. For that you just have to sign in with twitter.
Now the thing is what to do here, to increase the number of followers.
The game is simple "follow to get followed". Just like facebook money is facebook credit, the very same way twiends money is seeds. Get more seeds by following others and spend seed when you're followed by someone.
It's also got a second way, that's to spend some notes and buy credit.
Different people have different rates. Number of seeds you're gonna get varies.

Install Ubuntu inside windows

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Open wubi.exe from the CD or DVD or the auto-run menu.

From Ubuntu Menu that opens up. Select Install inside Windows.

Now Ubuntu Installer will open up. Select-
Installation drive- Select any. It'll not format the dive. So don't worry 'bout any data loss.
Installation size- a folder of this much size will be created in the selected installation drive.
Desktop environment
Language- choose from a list of languages.

Username- required at the time of logging in.
Password- required at the time of logging in.

Click 'Install'.
Ubuntu Installer will process the installation.
Now restart the window.
Ubuntu will be shown in boot menu. Select it. Installation will be finalized and completed.

To uninstall simply go to control panel in your window. Add or remove programs. From there click to uninstall.

Blogger's beginnings 2

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'Tis 12:30 AM. I'm in my post editor.Writing. Reading. Checking. Finished.
What if now, it's left unpublished, or published. It's not a copy. And if a post, is Done it's better Published. It never deserves draft.

It does not matter, it's good or bad. Even your worst post, gives you experience. Experience to get away from 'failure'.

Important thing is to stop expecting. Expectations just leave you hopeless. That's what it do, or have done so far.

Be busy what can benefit you. What if not today. It'll the other day or someday. Now, only two options sit and think or do. To be better blogger your content needs to be interesting. Now, this is the fact, that is exaggerated in minds. And your good post remain in mind, some times make their way to Post editor, but that too ends in draft. Blogging is basically the art of giving away. Giving away what you have, not what is here already.

Blogger's beginnings

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Google Adsense earnings don't start all at once. Create a blog and setting a template is not enough.
Averages blogger start is not good. For a year or more you don't have any idea what exactly to write. Being at your desktop's table or your lappy, and waste some time thinking 'bout what you actually wanna write. Not at once but some day you'll get a quality content to write.
Everybody try to head to a millionaire, but you need to take some money.

I know what the beginning is like. After every post published, busy watching the stat. Adsense earning. "Huh! 'tis not working". This is no magic trick, abracadabra, a million visitors, half million subscriber, and a thousand dollar in your Adsense account. With 42 posts, it's not gonna ever work.

What is quality content?
Do you ever realize, or tried to realize what goes in your mind every single second. That's the quality content. It may be anything. From the thing that you use daily, study about, your environment, your life. I'm having a story in my mind, but "Hell with it whose gonna read, who cares". Now there's one of the hundred mistake. Always remember some or the other time, what you think or go through interests someone who will search the ultimate resource for it.
It's all because the fact, that we're busy underestimating our things. This ends you with nothing to write. Hopeless. And finally quit blogging.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Run Video as your wallpaper

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | 2 Comments so far

Now, this one is very cool.
Run video as your background. VLC media player provides you with this feature.
Go to 'Video' tab and Select DirectX Wallpaper and Direct3D Desktop mode.

Remove unnecessary start ups

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Windows take a very long time to start up when it is loaded with many programs which start as soon as your windows start.

How to remove them-

  1. Go to run type msconfig and enter.
  2. System Configuration window will pop up.
  3. Go to 'Startup' tab and remove all the unnecessary startups. You'll need a restart to complete.

Create MS Office PowerPoint presentations in HD

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Protect your MS Office documents with passwords

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

A very simple tutorial to make your ms office documents secure by adding a password, without which it cannot be accessed.

Go to File> Prepare> Encrypt Document.
You will be asked to enter password and then a reenter to make sure password is typed correctly.

Take out images from PowerPoint presentations

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

You want to use the pictures from your powerpoint presentation slide. A simple cut/copy and paste won't do.
  1. Open your powerpoint presentation.
  2. Go to File menu> Save As> Other Formats.
  3. In the next opened dialog box set save as type to "Web Page".

Go to location where you just saved it. There are two things, a web page and a folder. Open folder and here you go. But remember there will be two photos of same type one is in original quality check by opening it.

Increase your Internet speed

| Saturday, March 03, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Get your reserved 20% bandwidth back.
1.Click Start> Run> type gpedit.msc
2.Group Policy editor will open up.

3.Go to Local Computer Policy> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Network> QoS Packet Scheduler> Limit Reservable Bandwidth, double click it. The next dialog box that will open up, says not configured but that doesn't mean your bandwidth is not reserved. Actually that only means you've never set any value.
Now, just enable it and set the value to 0%.

Supported on- At least Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003 family.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Apple to launch Mountain Lion this summer

| Friday, March 02, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Apple's ready to launch it's OS X operating system. It has a hundreds of new features.

It's got a new message application replacing the existing iChat application with added feature that you can send and receive messages, with this you can even attach photos and videos. This can be synchronised with iMessage application on your iOS device. Messgges will continue as multi-IM client with builtin support for Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and AIM.

To prevent installation of malicious software on you mac, there's a new security feature. With high security settings youy'll be able to install apps only with developer ID associated, or lowest security settings with which you can intall any app.

This is deeply integrated with iCloud and as soon as you sign-in, it sets up automatically. Your mail, contacts, etc. will remain synchronised with all devices. You can not only view but can edit your docs stored on Cloud with a new feature, make change with any one device and rest device will update automatically.

Game centre
This will allow you to keep track of your friends activity, his scores. With this you can compete with others, find new friends, add them. You can even add multiple mail address so that your friends can find you easily.

Reminders & Notes
Crete multiple reminder list, set deadlines and get notifications. Notes let you put down your thoughts with photos, videos and other attachments. Share notes via mail or message. 

Notification Center
With a simple swipe down on right side Notification Centre will display notifications. Notification of apps running on the system will appear as banners and disappear quickly. Launch app by clicking on notification.

Share Sheets & Twitter integration
The new OS is now integrated with twitter. Sign-in and tweet from supported apps like Safari, iPhoto or Photo Booth. It has a share button to share your pics, videos directly.

Arrival- this summer.
Expected price- $30-$35.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mobile to replace credit/debit card

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The NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile-payment application is currently in trials in United States, Germany, Finland, Netherlands and a few other countries, with transport ticketing as primary use. Just touch your phone or bring to within a few centimeters ant it will act just like the credit card or debit card. Mobile-payment-enabled phone is associated with a bank or Credit card company.
The technology is just like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transmitters used in contactless credit cards. But NFC overrules RFID by making two way connection whereas in RFID only one way connection is possible. This renders connection more secure.
RFID tags in contactless credit cards, only sends information when asked, wherewa in NFC can receive too. Nokia was first to launch NFC integrated phone.

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On screen keyboard

| Thursday, March 01, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Keylogging or keystrokes loggers are undetectable software that monitor your keyboard activities and forward to some other. So, for putting passwords are very unsafe if through keyboard. So, there a program in Windows called On Screen Keyboard.
On Screen Keyboard is a virtual keyboard displayed on screen. If password or other confidential information is entered via On Screen Keyboard, then instead of keystrokes mouse-clicks are recorded and thus, your password is safe.

To open it-
Go to- Start menu> All Programs> Accessories> Ease of access> On Screen Keyboard.
or simply type "osk" in run or search bar in start menu(windows 7).

Blog Offline via Windows live Writer

| Thursday, March 01, 2012 | | Be first to comment!

Open Windows Live writer. It's free you can download it here.
1. Open your Windows Live Writer.
2. Go to Blog Account > Blog Options> Update account information.

3. Add a blog account. Put the address of your blog there, your email address, password. Click next, a dialog box will open showing your blog account being set up.
After that a list of all of your blogs associated with that your mail will open up. Select any one which you want to edit.

4. It will ask you to download the template of your blog. Now, this is a very good option provided by Windows Live Writer. It downloads and installs the template of your blog and you can preview what your blog gonna look like.

5. Set up Blog nickname- by default it displays the name of the blog. But you can change it to any. It won't affect the blog title.

Now you are ready to go. You can add post title, post body and if you want to add labels to your post just put it in the category bar. Before publishing you can Preview your blog from Live Writer only. It has a tab to preview in bottom.
But it never worked correctly in mine especially when photos are added to it. Preview on net and Windows Live Writer were different with photos.
You get two options to "Publish" and "Post draft to blog".