Monday, 5 March 2012

Advantages of commenting on blog

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1. Get a backlink. If you'll provide your website link when asked while commenting. The backlink will help you get some extra google juice. Furthermore, Google Page Rank tends to get higher. A way to better SEO.

Will the above method considered spamming?

No. Providing a link when asked in a comment is not spamming. Here the link is added as your signature. If the user is interested in you or your comments then he/she may try to contact you, that's it and that's all. Spamming is when you put your link in the comment and try to advertise, unnecessarily and irrelevantly.

2. You can have conversation with the people of the same or sometimes different interest.

3. It'll help you develop some skills too.

4. You may get the opppurtunity to know what others want to read.
For example, if you have a blog/site then you can ask the other 'bout their interest in that particular category (your blog's category).

5. If a comment is there on your blog try to reply to maximum. Even a 'thank you' for a 'complement' may most probably sooth the reader. Act friendly, formal conversation not required.

Give it a start here. Comment box is below. Lets talk a bit.

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