Friday, 2 March 2012

Apple to launch Mountain Lion this summer

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Apple's ready to launch it's OS X operating system. It has a hundreds of new features.

It's got a new message application replacing the existing iChat application with added feature that you can send and receive messages, with this you can even attach photos and videos. This can be synchronised with iMessage application on your iOS device. Messgges will continue as multi-IM client with builtin support for Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and AIM.

To prevent installation of malicious software on you mac, there's a new security feature. With high security settings youy'll be able to install apps only with developer ID associated, or lowest security settings with which you can intall any app.

This is deeply integrated with iCloud and as soon as you sign-in, it sets up automatically. Your mail, contacts, etc. will remain synchronised with all devices. You can not only view but can edit your docs stored on Cloud with a new feature, make change with any one device and rest device will update automatically.

Game centre
This will allow you to keep track of your friends activity, his scores. With this you can compete with others, find new friends, add them. You can even add multiple mail address so that your friends can find you easily.

Reminders & Notes
Crete multiple reminder list, set deadlines and get notifications. Notes let you put down your thoughts with photos, videos and other attachments. Share notes via mail or message. 

Notification Center
With a simple swipe down on right side Notification Centre will display notifications. Notification of apps running on the system will appear as banners and disappear quickly. Launch app by clicking on notification.

Share Sheets & Twitter integration
The new OS is now integrated with twitter. Sign-in and tweet from supported apps like Safari, iPhoto or Photo Booth. It has a share button to share your pics, videos directly.

Arrival- this summer.
Expected price- $30-$35.

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