Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blogger's beginnings 2

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'Tis 12:30 AM. I'm in my post editor.Writing. Reading. Checking. Finished.
What if now, it's left unpublished, or published. It's not a copy. And if a post, is Done it's better Published. It never deserves draft.

It does not matter, it's good or bad. Even your worst post, gives you experience. Experience to get away from 'failure'.

Important thing is to stop expecting. Expectations just leave you hopeless. That's what it do, or have done so far.

Be busy what can benefit you. What if not today. It'll the other day or someday. Now, only two options sit and think or do. To be better blogger your content needs to be interesting. Now, this is the fact, that is exaggerated in minds. And your good post remain in mind, some times make their way to Post editor, but that too ends in draft. Blogging is basically the art of giving away. Giving away what you have, not what is here already.
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