Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blogger's beginnings

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Google Adsense earnings don't start all at once. Create a blog and setting a template is not enough.
Averages blogger start is not good. For a year or more you don't have any idea what exactly to write. Being at your desktop's table or your lappy, and waste some time thinking 'bout what you actually wanna write. Not at once but some day you'll get a quality content to write.
Everybody try to head to a millionaire, but you need to take some money.

I know what the beginning is like. After every post published, busy watching the stat. Adsense earning. "Huh! 'tis not working". This is no magic trick, abracadabra, a million visitors, half million subscriber, and a thousand dollar in your Adsense account. With 42 posts, it's not gonna ever work.

What is quality content?
Do you ever realize, or tried to realize what goes in your mind every single second. That's the quality content. It may be anything. From the thing that you use daily, study about, your environment, your life. I'm having a story in my mind, but "Hell with it whose gonna read, who cares". Now there's one of the hundred mistake. Always remember some or the other time, what you think or go through interests someone who will search the ultimate resource for it.
It's all because the fact, that we're busy underestimating our things. This ends you with nothing to write. Hopeless. And finally quit blogging.

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