Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blogger's Overview and stats

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Blogger's overview and stats, are very good features provided.  They help you to keep track of  the activity of users that land on your page. But if you are really interested in blogging seriously, then you need more than these stats. 

You, know merely knowing the pageviews is not enough, and never enough enough when you can get more than that. And that too at a very affordable cost of $0 only. Now that's the deal of the day, and every coming day.

Now it's a very big confusion, overview stats are the number of times your page has been accessed, not the traffic or the number of people that have landed at your site. Traffic is something very different. It's, in simplest words, the user which land on your page. Now if that user browses through your sites page that is pageviews. 
      Number of visitors * Average pageview=total pageview.

People strive to get more traffic, starting from twitter to digg. They usually notice an increase in stats number, and concieve themselves with the thought to have got more traffic.If you are a regullar blogger and post your updates regullarly. Then you need some more. The solution lies in Google's another products. Google Analytics.

Basics disscused in next post.

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