Tuesday, 20 March 2012

ChromeVox: Screen Reading extension in Chrome

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ChromeVox is a screen reading extension provided by Google for Chrome. Vox is also available for firefox.
All you need to do is configure your browser or OS with it, and it all turns into a reader. It provides you with a rich amount of keyboard shortcuts to have ease of access.

This extension is created basically for blind people. The upcoming world is a world of laptops, iPad, Notebooks. And even in this coming world blind will be able to use and have access to all net resources just like Braille. Though it may be the first step, but it's good thing to be developed.
It provides with keyboard shortcuts to turn on or off ChromeVox.

You can get ChromeVox from Chrome Web Store.
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The problem may lie in clashing shortcuts. Like to move to next paragraph the shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow but this shortcut clashes and makes my entire screen upside down. Actually these shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys orients my screen resolution in four different orientations.
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