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Do's and Dont's in Blogger and Adsense

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In primary classes we read Do's and Dont's.
But here I'm giving you some Dont's that change themselves to Do's just because of a little ignorance.

Avoid overlapping
When you place two or three ads on a page. One big mistake that happens is they overlap. This thing can be easily overcome by adjusting width, of the body and sidebars.

Avoid image ads
In some past days, while surfing through some sites. I found myself busy avoiding and overlooking image ads. Then I wondered why still I have image ads on mine. The reason is simple the one paying for the large single image ad, obviously would be paying large. And if he is paying large than I would receive large. But what's the use of a large paying ad that won't get clicked. Only because it clearly says "I'm ad Ad".
Now, there's one big advantage, but only to advertisers and that's image ads catch ones eye and along-way avoid the click too. So these pay per click ads advertise without getting clicked. The first thing I did was, you know, now I only have text ads going on my site.

Avoid too narrow post body
If you have gone through other's blogs. Then you must have found that atleast one out of thirty blogs have a very narrow post body. Buddy, that looks way too weird. When you set your post body width always remember, nowadays fourteen to twenty inches LCD's are very common. And most users do have it. Even mine is eighteen and a  half. So adjust the width of entire blog round 'bout 900 pixels. I've set mine to 'bout 1000 pixel.

Avoid too many gadgets
As a beginner, I always loved too have too many gadgets in my side bars. But now I feel having 'em all was just because of newness of interest. That is, just like being a child who is attracted by new toys.
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