Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Indexing your site to a Russian Search Engine Yandex

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Going through the web I was trying to index my site. Basically I was submitting my site map to Google and to Yahoo & Bing. Then I felt like trying to index my site to other search engines too.

Here's the first one-


Just submit your site address here, no need to sign up for webmaster account. Though the instructions are on the site but I'll state them here too. If your web address has standard prefix like http you don't need to include them, but if it has https then you need to include it.
get indexed by yandex, a Russian search engine
Submit your site to Yandex
Now you have option to create an account for Yandex Webmaster tool. Sign in to get access, or just do directly by the above link.

Access more SEO articles here. If you are a feedburner user, you can access Feedburner tutorials here.
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