Sunday, 4 March 2012

Install Ubuntu inside windows

| Sunday, March 04, 2012 | |

Open wubi.exe from the CD or DVD or the auto-run menu.

From Ubuntu Menu that opens up. Select Install inside Windows.

Now Ubuntu Installer will open up. Select-
Installation drive- Select any. It'll not format the dive. So don't worry 'bout any data loss.
Installation size- a folder of this much size will be created in the selected installation drive.
Desktop environment
Language- choose from a list of languages.

Username- required at the time of logging in.
Password- required at the time of logging in.

Click 'Install'.
Ubuntu Installer will process the installation.
Now restart the window.
Ubuntu will be shown in boot menu. Select it. Installation will be finalized and completed.

To uninstall simply go to control panel in your window. Add or remove programs. From there click to uninstall.

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