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Learn photography basics

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Photography is a thing of utmost interest to many people. They do have a digital SLR camera but no proper knowledge, about photography. Though there are many online and offline as well as correspondence courses available, if in case you want to learn it.
Now, I let you to a basics class that is free. All you need is a net connection and a device.

Learn about DSLR Photography 

In that, you will be learning about-
  • types of digital camera
  • digital camera working
  • comparison of cameras
  • holding
  • simple focusing techniques
  • zooming and positioning
  • exposure
  • use of flash

Where are tutorials?

Simple but important question. That's all what this post is about. All you need to do is go to Nikon's home page . There in the slide show you will find it or Nikon's asia site link is here (this is just the beginner guide).

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