Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Problem with dynamics view in blogger

| Tuesday, March 06, 2012 | |

Apart the gadget thing, that Dynamic Views don't support. There are many more things that have problems.

1. According to Google policies you can publish three ads at a time but with Dynamic Views on two.

2. As a beginner, or the one who don not have the knowledge of HTML, playing with its layout is kind of restricted. Doesn't matter where you put things in the Layout section it always continue to display the same.

3. Color Blending- As I discussed in my earlier post, that blending the ads may help you increase earnings. That thing don't apply here. You can change the color save it and it'll be saved but changes don't apply.

4. I feel there's a problem with preview too. Do you've ever noticed there's no Preview label on upper left corner. Moreover if you have ever noticed the address bar it gets redirected from the preview address to your homepage address.

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