Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Reach HTML of Dynamic Views

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The new updated interface of Blogger do not let the users reach the HTML if they are using the Dynamic Views. Not even this if you want to have a look on the older look of Blogger than this will help you to get to it.

Just try using this address here. Basically this is the address to add widget via HTML or Add Page Element. But this thing makes itself useful in reaching the older interface. All you need is log in and paste or click the link.

You'll reach Import Page Element page. Select your desired blogger blog. You may or may not put a tittle in the Title column. Now, you see a notification Required field must not be blank so put any thing in it, a mere alphabet will do. Now Click Add Widget.
If you have no Title entered in Title field then this particular page element will appear as HTML/JavaScript.

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