Monday, 5 March 2012

Recover your files deleted from recycle bin

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I was deleting multiple files. And with that I deleted some important ones too. Files got deleted from my recycle bin too. You know the Shift+Delete+Enter habit (this is a short cut that deletes the files from recycle bin too).

Can files be recovered after being deleted from recycle bin?

Now, the simplest way is to use TuneUp Utilities.
It's got a utility, named TuneUp Undelete.
Just open it. Select the drive from which the file was accidentally deleted.
Click next put the search criteria if any.

It's useless to search the file by name, because firstly, names are changed, secondly there are a thousand or more files. Though if you know the file type like a movie file and have rough idea about the size. Then you can track it much more easily by tracking the default icon like VLC media player icon for movie file.
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