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Strategies to hold your visitors (blog)

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Hold your visitors.
Three basic aspects that will help you in holding your visitors.
1. Quality Content.
2. Interlinking.
3. Intralinking.

Quality Content-
This thing some times proves, blogging thing to be a drag to do. The things simple it takes time. Just creating blog, getting approved and having Adsense going on it. That's not all. What it'll do is end you up a quitter. 'Cause money won't show up. It's all 'bout buildind a data base of original content.

This is a very powerful tool in your hand when you blog. Ever bought shoes from a shop. You go for a sport shoe, you tell the shopkeeper, and if one sportshoe don't suits you. Then the shopekeeper will show you another sportshoe, but never a sleeper.
Interlinking is the very same thing. If you post a news 'bout some celebrity, the you may provide them with clickable links that leads to some other celebrity gossip. At the end of you post you may clearly suggest with text that is embeded with a link.

NOTE- Though you can give any number of links but sticking to five or six is better. If you don't have five relevent posts then give the irrelevent ones but the same category. Remember first have a descent number of posts. Interlinking two post in such a way that they are not repeated. For example- user reads a post and clicks a link in 'You may also like' and the end of that post have repeated link.

(NOTE- I discussed it here but it's not the way to hold a visitor instead it's just like redirecting.)
If you have another blog or you are author in some friends site or blog. You can link it with the others. So that ones a user visit he gets more than one option. And it's better sometimes to have. Just like making a new tab naming in 'more' or 'other from the author' etc.

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