Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Why to blend Adsense ads.

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Now, if Google provides you with tools to customize you ad template. Then why not use it. And of-course doing that never means your cheating. 
The thing is simple. Imagine a site with green template. The owner applies for Google Adsense. 

Gets approved. Now what, your Adsense template is of white color and that is on a green background. The Adsense template that you got for your good now serves nothing more than a spot. And you know what, spots are better on animals than on your site.
So, why not blend it. You know nowadays people are wise enough to distinguish an ad from the content. So this makes it necessary to blend. But you need to have higher CTR in order to collect maximum money out of it.
The art of getting higher CTR don't only lies in great quality content. It lies in checking ignorance of your ads made by users.

What is CTR?
CTR is click-through-ratio, that is, percentage or ratio of your page-views successfully getting converted into clicks.

How to blend the best?
Simple, open the adsense customization option, from Layout, click edit Adsense (in the Gadget). Now just try to match the adsense template to the template of your site.
For a better method click here.
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