Tuesday, 6 March 2012

WordWeb: english dictionary

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WordWeb is a rich English dictionary avalable on the web.

Apart from getting the mening of the desired word, what else can wordweb give you.
Here are some extra feature,
Nearest- get the nearest word excess.
Synonyms- get synonyms.
Web References- Conect to internet ang get data from Wiki direct into WordWeb.

Now, this one is the best.
WordWeb offers you with a shortcut, Ctrl+W. If you are going through a word document and have WordWeb installed, you get to a word and you don't know it meaning just simplt select the word press Ctrl+W and WordWeb will automatically search for that word and show you the meaning.

There are two versions available free and pro. If you are a beginner free works just fine for you though advance learner may need pro version.

WordWeb Pro. Free one looks pretty same.

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