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How To Maximize Profit Using Online CRM

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Customer Relationships Management (CRM) is all about converting the potential into reality; in the sense that it helps storing and maintenance of customer information, both potential and existing and online CRM are software that enables a business house to do customer relationship management. Typically this software is hosted on an internet cloud and such systems are perfectly suited where the sales personnel are spread over large geographical area.

An online CRM has a very rich and an intuitive interface to use with the help of with sales personnel can view and manage existing as well as potential customers’ data in no time. The system also helps the sales personnel to view the sales pipeline, export customer data in the form of chart based reports which can be used for key decision making. Online CRM and sales force automation are used interchangeably where the effective sales and marketing processes are automated.

Whether the goal is profit maximization or cost reduction, maintaining customer relationships are the crux of any business entity. The way the customer relations of a business are managed can make or break an enterprise. With such importance attached, a lot of parameters are considered while deciding on which CRM system to be implemented. Online CRM has today become a very essential component of any business be it big or small. It provides a structured and a disciplined approach for the day to day sales, marketing and customer service operations.

Online CRM along with its many other advantages, offers mobility, rapid access and quick implementation in the most effective manner. These online systems are fully configurable and provide a lot of services out of the box. An archetypal user of an online CRM would subscribe to any of the services like Amazon, and Ariba and would pay the charges on a monthly or an annual basis. These systems are configurable to such an extent that the users are given the liberty of choosing what they need and what they don’t when they decide to go for a specific implementation. Such features help the business enterprises to save on the costs where they don’t require a particular feature of the CRM system.

With the online cloud based CRM systems in place, the business enterprise is freed up from the responsibility of maintaining the hardware and infrastructure. The business houses can actually focus on their real problem in hand rather than doing a housekeeping of their infrastructure. An online CRM has hordes of benefits to offer and manages a lot of aspects of a business enterprise including:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Billing
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Contact Management
  • Activity Management
Online CRM systems maintain a steady focal point on the customers and they help the client facing personnel serve the customers in a much better way, which in turn increases the revenue of the enterprise and its goodwill.
Some of the key focus areas of an online CRM include:
  • Reduction of operational overheads
  • Simplification of sales and marketing processes
  • Expansion of customer base. 
Jamie Smith works in the area of CRM and online CRM development.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Know your exact technorati rank

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First of all technorati authority and technorati ranking are different.

Now, here mine technorati account shows an overall rank of 13817. But it is not the actual rank. There are over hundreds of blogs with same ranking. If you will click on any rank it will redirect you to the list page and there you can see there are upto thousand of blogs having same rank. This simply means that the blogs stand equivalent in accordance to technorati.

Here, overall rank is 13,817. But that is not exact.
Then what is the exact rank.
It is very simple to calculate it down. Click on your rank to open up the list. There are 25 blogs listed on a single page and in the address bar there is the page number.
So, I am on page 569 and on second number.

Actual rank is 569-1=568,
and I am on second number, therefore, 14200+2=14202.
That is the actual rank. And that is good, because there are 1,299,721 blogs registered on technorati. And I rank 14202, that is I am ahead of 1,285,519 blogs registered.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Understanding What Customers Want In A Shared Hosting Account

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It takes a tremendous amount of grass roots research to establish a feel for what makes a good hosting provider. This research will point to the appropriate strategy to acquire market share rapidly. It is also the best way to set the trajectory for a new hosting service provider. It is also a good way for existing providers to align any wayward strategies that may be showing signs of fatigue.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer from the perspective of what they really want. To understand the customer’s needs, it is not very complicated. The need is not met by sophisticated polling and expensive research. It is as simple as scouring the web for insight into the customer's mind. The best place to get this is to see all the comments that show up on review sites and comments that show up in forums. By browsing all these places one accumulates a certain customer intelligence without engaging even one person to lift a finger.
This strategy is effective as it is important for the principle starting the company to know the fabric of his customer's desires.  From here you will glean that most of the complaints people tend to have is really poor customer service. People can be convinced (depending on the target market) to part with higher rates, as long as they can get customer service that is as though the customer representative lives next door.

Package Products Wisely

When you start a hosting service, the market that is targeted determines your pricing and promotion strategy. If you are heading for high volume-high turnover-low cost strategy, then they packages you structure will reflect that. If you want to attract a different segment, a more sophisticated-less price conscious market with low turnover, then your strategy will differ substantially. Its usually wiser to start with a higher price lower volume strategy.

Keep Customer Satisfaction High

Whatever happens, make sure there is a culture within the organization and especially customer service to keep the customer happy at all costs. Even if it means throwing in freebies when things get out of hand just so the customer walks away from a crisis feeling respected and taken care off. Always talk to them and understand how better to serve them. Don't always be selling, instead always keep them happy. As long as you know what they want, that is easy to do.
Understating the customer is the key to take business away from competitors. It’s the reason why companies are successful. Remember the old adage, if it weren't for them, you'd be out of a job.
Written by Johnathan Henery. Be sure to visit for reviews of hosting companies like BlueHost.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

5 Top Great Value Laptops On The Market

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Yes, everyone knows that searching for reliable, cheap laptops is a tricky task. No matter how long you ponder over its specifications data-sheet, or how well the assistant assures you, there always is a lurking suspicion in the back of your head regarding the product's reliability. The best solution to this is to buy assembled laptops, there are rarely any compatibility issues as well as you can avail big discounts as the parts are more or less from a single company. Cheap laptops generally suffer from maintenance issues, but as long as it is branded, a warranty can be availed. Recently we conducted a survey on cheap laptops in the market. Listed below are some of the best cheap laptops according to our survey :

1. Acer Aspire 5742-384G32MNK - 

2nd generation Intel i3, 4Gb ram, 13 inch screen, 500 gb hdd.
Just below 400$, this laptop is definitely the first in the series. It boasts an intel i3 processor, which can boost its computing speed when you perform demanding tasks like copying, writing, converting or gaming. And that's coupled with a 4Gb ram. Yep, you read it right. And yes, all our software ran flawlessly on the device without guzzling too much power. However, the Acer is less graphically able than the other laptops. Users experienced issues with videos, and the speaker on board is too mild to enjoy bass songs. However, video streaming was great on the laptop.

2. The MSI U270 - 

Amd Athlon processor, 3Gb ram, 11.6 inch screen, 350 GB hdd.
In the same price range as the Acer, the msi looks and feels like a small netbook, but its powerful processor and video card give it laptop characteristics. The AMD Athlon processor on board does most of the tasks flawlessly. From net surfing to video editing, the msi does it all without much flickers or pauses. However, in our survey, we found that it dragged a bit with multiple applications running. Gaming was great with the powerful processor and video chip on board. Video and audio quality is great, but rarely some issues with streaming is reported. In all, the msi is a powerful machine and will perform most daily tasks flawlessly and efficiently, but the small 11.6 inch screen might require you to keep your specks nearby.

3. The Samsung RV510-A08UK - 

Pentium 4 processor, 3 gb ram, 500 gb hdd.
The cheapest in the cheap laptops series, at only 350$, the Samsung laptop shows certain capabilities better than the other laptops. At only 2.4 kgs, it can be very portable. The Samsung is powered by a Pentium 4 processor coupled with a 3 gb ram. Packs fair amount of power, suitable for most general tasks. In all, the system is very stable, it handles multiple tasks without hanging or crashing. Where this laptop falls down is its video handling capacity. Hd videos badly stutter at some places, and video streaming is average. However, the Samsung handled word and power-point files flawlessly, and e book reading in pdf was also good. In short, the cheapest laptop isn’t the worst after all.

4. Toshiba's NB205-310 - 

Intel Celeron 900 processor, 2.2 GHz, 3gb ram, 12 inch screen, 300 GB hdd.
Powered by an Intel celeron 900 processor at 2.2 GHz, it is not bad after all. Also, a 3 Gb ram coupled with this thing makes it capable of handling multi tasking flawlessly. Compatible with most software in today's market, it is most suited for office use as it handles documents and word applications great. Video experience was not bad, and the speakers buzz at an audible volume. The only place where it falls down is its portability. At 5.9 kgs and a thick frame, it can be hardly called portable. Thus making it the fourth in the list of cheap laptops.

5. ASUS X54L-SX033V Celeron B800 - 

Intel celeron 800 processor, 1.8GHz, 2Gb ram, 300 GB hdd.
A celeron processor is not at all bad for a $375 laptop, as it is very quick and efficient in battery life. Then again, a 2 GB ram isn’t bad too. The laptop's performance was average, but while performing demanding tasks like video editing it got heated up. And once heated, it tends to function irrationally with error messages popping up now and then. But for easy tasks, the Asus's performance was
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4 Things You Need to Know About Google’s Driverless Cars

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You already know Google as one of the biggest names on the internet, but very soon they may be breaking their online-only image and getting into the auto industry.
They’re getting into the auto industry, but they’re not just going to make a car … they are currently working on and testing a driver-less car. The new Google car will be able to drive itself without the help of a human.
Imagine making your morning commute without actually having to drive. You could eat your breakfast, put on your make-up, or read the paper on your way to work without having to be crammed in a bus with 100 other office dwellers.
On the other hand, there are lots of ways a driver-less car could go wrong, but Google’s tests are proving, so far, that their cars are extremely safe — maybe even safer than the cars we currently drive. Check out these four facts, and decide for yourself.

1. Driver-less cars are legal in Nevada
Google needed a place where they could safely and legally test their driver-less car technology. They worked with the Nevada state government to pass legislation (in June 2011) to make driver-less cars legal. Although they’d already been testing the cars throughout California and other parts of the US, the state law made Nevada the most friendly state for continued testing.

2. They use Google Street View
At first, the idea of Google making a car sounds silly, but it sounds a little less silly when you consider that Google has the largest database of map and street data in the world. And now they’re using their database to help driver-less cars navigate. Along with artificial intelligence software, mounted cameras and sensors, and GPS positioning technology, Google’s driver-less cars use Google’s extensive database to take you to school, work, and home again.

3. They have been extensively tested

The Google driver-less cars have been tested extensively and continue to be tested to ensure their navigation and safety features work properly before introducing them to the public. These cars are very complicated; if they break, it’s not as if you can run down to the auto parts store and fix them with some spare Ford Mustang parts or CJ Pony's Mustang accessories. So Google is undergoing a wide range of tests to ensure the cars are safe for everyone.

4.  There has only been one accident

One way Google hopes to reinvent the auto-mobile to make it safer is by taking out the variable of human error. The vast majority of car accidents each year are caused by human error, and the Google car can take that variable out of the equation.
For example, Google cars have been driven for over 1000 miles so far, and they’ve only had one accident. And that accident was caused when a person was driving the car!
Is a Google car right for you? Only time will tell. But Google’s new driver-less cars will certainly try to make the roads safer and easier for us all.
CJ contributed this guest post. Passionate about classic cars, he likes writing about the best car resources, like where to find CJ Pony Parts Ford Mustang parts, and the future of the auto industry.

Tips for Using My Blog Guest

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Guest posting is a great way to disseminate your content on many levels. It has many benefits including being able to attract new visitors to your site, build up your brand, grow your social communities, your network, and access an audience that you may have otherwise never reached. And you can also get links to your site.
Ann Smarty started, which is a site that provides a platform for both free and paid guest post opportunities. With MBG, Ann has created an online community where bloggers can connect to share or obtain content or network. Ann takes an active role in the management of My Blog Guest and provides personal feedback to Pro users. The site has thousands of users.
Ann is no stranger to guest posting. She is a veteran blogger and her work has been seen on a wide range of sites including Mashable, SEOMoz, and Internet Marketing Ninjas, where she is a contributor and Community Manager.

What Niches Best Lend Themselves to MBG

My Blog Guest has 16 specific site categories to choose from including Health and Beauty, Finance and Law, and Technology. There is also a general category and you can perform searches for all categories. You can also set up alerts for the categories and there is a forum. You can also search by the blog’s country of origin with more than 120 countries listed. The SEO, Social, Blogging category tends to be particularly active.

Free MBG

As a free user, all you need to do is register an account. This allows you access to the sites listed that accept guest posts in the respective categories. The general search information includes the name of the site with a link to it, the blog’s power rating, the number of articles it has posted through MBG, the blog tags, and the user. You can research and evaluate the available sites and send direct messages to the site’s administrator in MBG.
One word of caution when prospecting sites for guest posts, check when the last time the user was active on the site. Some users may have signed up for an account but may not checked their account in weeks or months and therefore sending them a direct message may be less than fruitful. You can always attempt to contact their site through any contact forms or contact information on their site.
After a while, a free user may find that MBG’s value for guest posting has its limitations. Many of the sites of the sites listed have a low “blog score” and have little of value in terms of having a post on their site. The blogs with higher scores tend to be more difficult to get submitted posts published. Having a pro account allows you access to the live gallery in which users can submit articles or make offers to have the article(s) in the gallery on their site.

Going Pro with MBG

You can always upgrade (or just start out this way) to a Pro account. Currently MBG offers two levels of pro accounts. The $30 per month plan allows up to 4 live galleries at a time while the $70 per month plan allows up to 10 live articles in the live gallery at any time.
The live gallery is really MBG’s coolest feature. All you do is submit your articles and then other MBG users can make offers for your articles. You have full control over which offers you accept, if any. Too increase your chance of getting better offers, the articles need to be interesting, of high quality, and include images. MBG is moderated and your content will be reviewed and can set to “Hidden” by the site, outside of the “Live Gallery”. The moderators, including Ann herself, may provide feedback on why the article was not accepted.
The live gallery can be a huge time saver. Instead of spending the time doing guest post outreach, you can focus on other tasks and offers will be sent directly to your MBG inbox and the email inbox of your choice. If you do not enjoy or do not have the time for outreach, you will love the live gallery. MBG also recently rolled out an infographic gallery as well.
Depending on which categories your topic relates to, you may find it difficult to get quality sites making offers for your articles. As the number of MBG users grows, this should improve. For more detailed information on using the gallery, see the link with the MBG video below.
+Jason Nelson contributed this article for, an online marketing and Web design/development company that provides SEO services in St. George, Utah and to clients across the country.

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4 steps to create a better facebook fan page

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If you own any public brand, company, NGO, blog, etc. Then Facebook fan page is must. In fact, if you take blogging into consideration. The there are some head starting strategies or I must say some simple steps you need to follow to build a Facebook audience.

Create a simple page

There is no need to go with a custom facebook page from the beginning, or you most probably never need it for blogging purpose.

Always have a bio in About Page

When your readers like your blog and blog posts, then they start liking you too and want to know more about the author. Don’t make them go away with nothing about you. Having a page on authors name is definitely a good thing to go with.

Facebook plug-in

There are a number of facebook social plug-in available to put on you blog’s page. But putting them and getting likes will take a lot of time. So, be open about your page. Tell your friends. There is an invite friend button in the page use it. Or you can make any friend or family member admin of your page and then ask them to promote. This will provide your fan page a head start. From now on whenever you have a new post you have an audience to share with and that too directly on their walls. And if they will like it, it will automatically get shared to maximum of their friends.

Never post too much

If you are writing 2 or 3 post a day than it is alright. But if the number of post is higher than you must post the best 2 or 3 posts on facebook page. Posting all of them will make the readers irritated and they will hide all the post from getting displayed on their walls. It is just like over twitting. These two are same thing, but the difference is that you know when a user unfollowed you but you never know if any readers on facebook has hidden your post from being displayed on their walls. 
The best practice is to post your article on the wall of your fan page after a descent interval of time. 

Leave the link intact

Though, Facebook has a very nice import functionality, that imports the heading and pic automatically from the link entered. But still you must post with the link. The tendency of a user to click a blue colored link is much more than clicking the headline.

6 steps for creating a better blog

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Deciding Niche-

Deciding a bog’s niche is in itself a hard thing. Doesn’t matter how may says to just start. Because the mental activity at that specific time. Niche simply refers to all that content that can be published in your blog post without clashing with the area of variety of content that your blog can cover.

Don’t try to get a vast blog niche?

When you start don’t try to get a very vast blog niche to cover up the maximum. This will make the user irritated because you can master only three or four niche at maximum, that too when you are a pro. Moreover, you can add more sections later on in the future after getting some good amount of success.


Even the name of your blog depends on niche though you can put any name of your likeness.

Why some blog titles don’t make you feel good?

The thing is simple. You are not used to it not even others (if you are consulting a friend of yours or may be any other family members). It is just like learning an entirely new foreign language you don’t know the proper pronunciation, the ascent of speaking is different. Adidas is a part of the founder’s name. “EMINEM” evolved from “M&M”. And even worse experience, is by medical student who study plants.
You can take the name from any word and manipulate it to any good sounding nonsense word. Now, that is just a thought that the spell in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Wangardium Leviosa (spelling maybe wrong I never ever read Harry Potter) comes from Anacardium which is basically a genus of flowering plant.

What to write?

Now this is a question that must never be asked. You basically ask yourself this question many times. And always end up with no answer. Now the thing is not that your brain don’t have any exclusive content to write but the brain goes around a thousand topic but you don’t pick one. Enlisting them is the best way to start but this fact applies most to the probloggers, because they have a bundle of knowledge.
Maximum of bloggers are influenced by sites like Wikipedia and dream to build like that when they discover blog services. They start with the title that covers maximum and one of my friends’ blog is titled “EVERYTHING IN ALL” but when I searched web I found many with these types of titles.
Computer Sciences students have hacking topics as their utmost interest and want to go with them but they basically at that time don’t have enough to let them last long.

Don’t try to choose the topic with high or less competition?

The most trending topics to start with are-
Technology, News (basically politics), Sports, Lifestyle, Celebrities, etc though with these you may suffer the toughest competitions with other bloggers as well as agencies. Some blogging sites have more than one author. Moreover, everybody has a system a connection. And their laptops and other devices is what they have all the time and are interested to know more about it.
Recipes, Travel, may have low competition but there are low numbers of readers as well.
Don’t feel low, the best and the worst thing about blog is they too die. Just like any other animal. The day the blog stops having new post the stats falls down and so the blog. Though, the older the better it gets if you remain active. A post a day is more than enough. Though, it will require a longer time to build a good number of subscribers and readers.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Six Web Apps Where You Can Share Your Favorite Stuff

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Due to the development of technology, many people who use internet for various types of jobs can still have the option of sharing the information to others.
There is various application software developed with enhanced features which make it easier for one to disseminate files to other people. Here are six web Apps where you can share your favorite stuff.


Freshbooks is among the software used to share files. It is used to check on time and act as an invoice tool for those who do freelancing jobs. Who love jobs base on project find it more useful. One can also use it to check their spending. It comes in different varieties but is not free software. However there is always a trial version for new users.


The UTorrent is software that allows users to distribute big files easily. These allow one to download bit torrent file which in turn will allow one to share digital information. It can be applied in windows, Mac operating systems and any type of Linux computer technologies in the market today.
It can allow the use to share files across internet. In order to work well the users have to downloaded and uploaded simultaneously for them to be distributed. For efficiency the use needs to update the version they are using often.


The kuler software is also one of the programmers that allow one to share files with others. Apart from sharing, kuler can also help in making and storing the files. It is a web based application. The uniqueness of it is that it allows one to share the color themes. This software allows the user to remember their most preferred color that will help them in designing new projects. The software is a mobile application technology and was initially made for the android platforms.


One can also use the DropBox to share their favorite stuff. It is mainly used to syncs files. It is one of the easiest and reliable in the market. Additionally it is easy to set up. It comes with other applications which allow the user to delete, make management easier and also upload files. All the functions are enabled because it has a web internet interface.
This is a free share application allowing one a 2GB storage area. Those who want more storage space in the site can pay annually for their space to be increased.


Some people who like sharing files and data across can also use Basecamp. This is a tool mainly used to collaborate projects. It is applied mainly in medium and small institutions. The tool allows the user to share while at the same time uploading files. One can also use the software to plan for their own doing lists and setting milestones. It is web based.


Another of the six web Apps where you can share your favorite stuff is the Google analytics. It is free of charge to users and is used mainly to track statistics on user's sites. Web designer’s find it more useful to check if what they have designed will work well. Users can make reports which can be shared to clients set ups.
Written by Julieth, Chatrooms At Mezee, Platform to free chat around the world.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Know your Google account activity: Who else may be using your account

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Google recently launched Google Activity. A tool to know the entire activity in your account. Though the service is still in beta version, but worth to test.

How to know your Google Activity?

1. Sign in into your Google account.
2. Go to accounts.

3. Go to Products. There it will show a list of all the products you are using.
4. In the Product section you will find "Go To Account Activity" button. Click it.

5. In the next page that open. It will ask you the timezone. 
6. And then click "Opt In" button.

The next page will display this report.

Thank you for using Account Activity Reports.
We are now preparing your report. You will receive an email as soon as it is ready.
  • Designed to offer you transparency and control.
  • Summarizes the data associated with each product you use when signed in to your account.
  • Provides links to change your personal settings.

NOTE- This is not a direct way to track but in any case there is any unusual activity, like login from a foreign country or location you have never been in recent past.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Make somebody else the admin of your Google+ page

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If you have created a page on Google+. You may require to make somebody else the admin or may be swith administrator authority from one to another mail id.

For that-
1. Sign in into Google+ account.
2. Swith to that page whose admin-ship you want to transfer.
3. From the drop-down menu of your page select Manager.
4. Enter the email address of the user you want to make manager.
5. Click invite. The specified user will be the manager after accepting the invitation.

6. Now, the owner can transfer ownership to any manager.

Google Affiliates for blogger: A new way to earn

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Google Affiliates Ads for Blogger is basically a tool to get the exact ad you are blogging about. Display it on your page and whenever a user clicks and make purchases you get your commission. Revenue will be paid in the same Adsense account.
The new service is just like Amazon affiliates network. You will get commissioned for products sold, not for getting a click generated. The commission is basically calculated by calculating the fraction which will be a specific amount. Therefore, if the product sold is expensive then you will get higher commission. Unlike Adesnse you are not bound with higher CTR to get higher earnings, instead a high amount product will do. But this entirely depends on what quality traffic you are getting.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Canon's one of the most expensive Hi-tech Cameras

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Canon's EOS-1DC 4K DSLR exploded the world with its amazing features. The 18 Megapixel camera can shoot video of 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) at 24 to 60 frames per second HD video recording. The camera is water and dust resistance. It allows Compact Flash (Type I or II) and it is UDMA compatible.

Sensor & ISO
The camera has a CMOS censor. ISO settings ranges from 100 to 51200 (with boost to as low as 50 and high upto 102400 and 204800).

Autofocus options- Contrast Detect (sensor), Phase Detect, Multi-area, Selective single-point, TrackingSingle, Continuous, Face Detection, Live View.
It offers 61 point focus system. And of-course the camera has manual focus.

How to Start an Online Fashion Business

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Key consideration before opening your online fashion store

Reducing Costs

If you have decided to start an online men’s fashion business, then first of all well done! Starting a business is something many people dream of and consider, however few ever actually realise it. There are likely to have been several considerations to your decision, mainly revolving around the cost savings against operating a physical retail space, employment costs and of course the opportunity to establish your brand globally online, which is a lot easier than doing it straight away from a store!
Primarily, you will need to know about internet marketing techniques and what you can do to get noticed quickly in the ever competitive online marketplace. As well as that, you obviously need to have your finger on the pulse of the men’s fashion world, although I’d imagine that is a given if you have already reached this stage!

Think Globally

Remember that anyone around the world could visit your site, so you either need to decide to target a niche market or try and offer something for everyone. A niche may be your best bet at first before expanding your ranges once you have established your business and a customer base.
Ensure you carry out research looking at online shopping trends, this will help you in deciding the type of merchandise to buy and volumes in terms of colours and sizes. You should also link this to your process of sourcing materials or readily manufactured clothes, there are several online directories which will assist you in this and will give you lots of other valuable information.

Your E-commerce Store

Think about your own online shopping experiences. If you want a customer to shop with you, your store needs to be easy to navigate, with a quick payment system and an all-round market leading experience. A good internet design company will be able to install this for you at a reasonable price, although it is sometimes worth paying more to get a really professional feel to your e-commerce store.
Research payment partners and choose one which you feel may suit your business best. Pay Pal are a great one to use when starting up, as it will add credibility to a new business as it is a familiar and established name on the market, which the vast majority of people use.
Ensure too that your site is well designed, and optimised for search engine optimisation, so from day one people can find you and start generating profits for your business.
There are several steps in order to realize the dream to start an online men’s fashion business.

Change Default Window OS automatically booting time

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If you have two Operating systems. Then default Operating System automatically boots after a selected time. The time is by default 60 seconds.

How to change this?
1. Go to msconfig. (In windows XP go to run type msconfig. In later versions just type msconfig directly in Start Menu's search box).
2. Change timeout to any value you like.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Web Design Agencies vs. Freelance Designers

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Software development companies have robust technical backgrounds.  Many developers are thus able complete projects that extend above and beyond basic software-oriented tasks.  In the eyes of the developer, web design is a similar process to that of software development.  This mindset makes many developers perfectly qualified to complete a variety of web design projects.

Software Development Agencies

Software developers are known for testing designs and finalizing products.  Software developers are thus great candidates to consider for your web design project.  Consider the fact that software developers are often dependable, reliable and thorough professionals that take pride in their work.  Clients can expect developers to look at requirements logically and write a detailed plan for reaching business goals.  There are surely benefits of hiring a software and web design agency to complete your project but this is not your only option.  You can also look to a freelancer.

The Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelancers tend to have an overabundance of flexibility and freedom that enables them to take on various web design projects. Freelancers work over a contract or freelance schedule and are among the most creative individuals available for web design projects. Freelance agreements also leave plenty of room for negotiating a great deal. 

The Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelance designers are beneficial but may fall short in areas that agencies excel.  For one, web design agencies staff specialists to call upon for specific tasks.  A freelance designer will most likely assume responsibility for all tasks.  Freelancers thus tend to lack the skills, experience and expertise of agency specialists.

More Aspects to Consider

Web design agencies are generally more established than freelancers.  Agencies also provide easier access to personal references and portfolio substance.  Agencies also tend to estimate the cost of work more accurately than freelancers.  The truth is that nobody likes surprises when it comes to web design prices.  If you want an upfront cost estimate that is accurate, then a web design agency may be the best way to go.  If money is a concern for your company or organization, consider also that the overall costs of hiring a web design agency generally exceed those of a freelancer.

The Bottom Line

It should be apparent that although web design agencies and freelancers have their own advantages, both are flawed in a couple of ways.  Many clients looking for web design services want to know which option is best, but it truly is a matter of figuring out which one is right for you.  Do an honest assessment of what you are looking for to figure out the best route to take.  Consider also the risks you are willing to take for the rewards.  It is quite possible that a freelance web designer is a better option than an agency – or vice versa.  Assess and decide.
Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a software development company specializing in a variety of web design services

Sunday, 15 April 2012

View mails in Google without opening them

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Sometime back I was going through my Gmail account. I unknowingly, by mistake made a right click on a mail and a wimdow showed up with the mail in it. Though this doesn't makes a big difference you can go either way the time remains almost same.
But still for a peek this feature stands out.

Gmail tap replaces 26 key keyboard with 2 keys

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Gmail Tap is a new tap for Android phones, that aiims in replacing the 26 character based QWERTY Android keypad with only two buttons a dot and an underscore button. As featured in the video the app uses the morse code. Though you may require to learn it.

Watch video to see how it is advantageous.

Here's the table of codes.
A• −
B− • • •
C− • − •
D− • •
F• • − •
G− − •
H• • • •
I• •
J• − − −
K− • −
L• − • •
M− −
N− •
O− − −
P• − − •
Q− − • −
R• − •

S• • •
U• • −
V• • • −
W• − −
X− • • −
Y− • − −
Z− − • •
0− − − − −
1• − − − −
2• • − − −
3• • • − −
4• • • • −
5• • • • •
6− • • • •
7− − • • •
8− − − • •
9− − − − •

This is one of the Google's April fool video.