Thursday, 12 April 2012 image addresses

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If you are not HTML buddy, but in some past days going through your blogger you might have encountered these image addresses.
I too, was busy for some days with these addresses. Trying too get where these addresses come from, maybe some kind of data base assigned to your blog or maybe something else.

How can I get these addresses?

Though the answer to get this address is mentioned clearly to the best of my knowledge in a previous post. But I know that if anyone will try searching the web with this particular address then he/she will end some where that have no answers.

So, here I put these addresses in the title post and post body so that you can get to it easily. Though the previous post that had the answer do not have these address so you may not be able to reach there via Google search so here I put to get things to you.

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  1. Sorry friends. Cannot put the same tutorial again so putting this post to get you all there.

  2. Hi how do I get there?