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4 steps to create a better facebook fan page

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If you own any public brand, company, NGO, blog, etc. Then Facebook fan page is must. In fact, if you take blogging into consideration. The there are some head starting strategies or I must say some simple steps you need to follow to build a Facebook audience.

Create a simple page

There is no need to go with a custom facebook page from the beginning, or you most probably never need it for blogging purpose.

Always have a bio in About Page

When your readers like your blog and blog posts, then they start liking you too and want to know more about the author. Don’t make them go away with nothing about you. Having a page on authors name is definitely a good thing to go with.

Facebook plug-in

There are a number of facebook social plug-in available to put on you blog’s page. But putting them and getting likes will take a lot of time. So, be open about your page. Tell your friends. There is an invite friend button in the page use it. Or you can make any friend or family member admin of your page and then ask them to promote. This will provide your fan page a head start. From now on whenever you have a new post you have an audience to share with and that too directly on their walls. And if they will like it, it will automatically get shared to maximum of their friends.

Never post too much

If you are writing 2 or 3 post a day than it is alright. But if the number of post is higher than you must post the best 2 or 3 posts on facebook page. Posting all of them will make the readers irritated and they will hide all the post from getting displayed on their walls. It is just like over twitting. These two are same thing, but the difference is that you know when a user unfollowed you but you never know if any readers on facebook has hidden your post from being displayed on their walls. 
The best practice is to post your article on the wall of your fan page after a descent interval of time. 

Leave the link intact

Though, Facebook has a very nice import functionality, that imports the heading and pic automatically from the link entered. But still you must post with the link. The tendency of a user to click a blue colored link is much more than clicking the headline.
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