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6 steps for creating a better blog

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Deciding Niche-

Deciding a bog’s niche is in itself a hard thing. Doesn’t matter how may says to just start. Because the mental activity at that specific time. Niche simply refers to all that content that can be published in your blog post without clashing with the area of variety of content that your blog can cover.

Don’t try to get a vast blog niche?

When you start don’t try to get a very vast blog niche to cover up the maximum. This will make the user irritated because you can master only three or four niche at maximum, that too when you are a pro. Moreover, you can add more sections later on in the future after getting some good amount of success.


Even the name of your blog depends on niche though you can put any name of your likeness.

Why some blog titles don’t make you feel good?

The thing is simple. You are not used to it not even others (if you are consulting a friend of yours or may be any other family members). It is just like learning an entirely new foreign language you don’t know the proper pronunciation, the ascent of speaking is different. Adidas is a part of the founder’s name. “EMINEM” evolved from “M&M”. And even worse experience, is by medical student who study plants.
You can take the name from any word and manipulate it to any good sounding nonsense word. Now, that is just a thought that the spell in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Wangardium Leviosa (spelling maybe wrong I never ever read Harry Potter) comes from Anacardium which is basically a genus of flowering plant.

What to write?

Now this is a question that must never be asked. You basically ask yourself this question many times. And always end up with no answer. Now the thing is not that your brain don’t have any exclusive content to write but the brain goes around a thousand topic but you don’t pick one. Enlisting them is the best way to start but this fact applies most to the probloggers, because they have a bundle of knowledge.
Maximum of bloggers are influenced by sites like Wikipedia and dream to build like that when they discover blog services. They start with the title that covers maximum and one of my friends’ blog is titled “EVERYTHING IN ALL” but when I searched web I found many with these types of titles.
Computer Sciences students have hacking topics as their utmost interest and want to go with them but they basically at that time don’t have enough to let them last long.

Don’t try to choose the topic with high or less competition?

The most trending topics to start with are-
Technology, News (basically politics), Sports, Lifestyle, Celebrities, etc though with these you may suffer the toughest competitions with other bloggers as well as agencies. Some blogging sites have more than one author. Moreover, everybody has a system a connection. And their laptops and other devices is what they have all the time and are interested to know more about it.
Recipes, Travel, may have low competition but there are low numbers of readers as well.
Don’t feel low, the best and the worst thing about blog is they too die. Just like any other animal. The day the blog stops having new post the stats falls down and so the blog. Though, the older the better it gets if you remain active. A post a day is more than enough. Though, it will require a longer time to build a good number of subscribers and readers.
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