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Basic requirement for getting a blogger template designed for money

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If you are up with an aim to create an awe-sum blog. And most probably dreaming of getting maximum out of it in cash, through the most common source of ad placement.

Be sure of this checklist-

1. Be light.
No need of flash covering you site like a spider chasing the users cursor. Though this sometimes look cool but also makes your site heavy, increasing the loading time.

2. Have content specific home page.
You home page must feature more content. The best will be

3. Have illustrative post title.
I am not with an opinion to ask you write half story in the post title but try to be more illustrative. Having 'Defragmentation' is not as good as 'Increase you PC speed'.

4. Never go with technical terms.
Though I am going with a tech blog. But this thing applies to maximum. Avoid using technical term. You must remember that a pro weblog or blog is just a kind of online magazine. This aims at bringing out maximum of readers. These readers may or may not be from the same academic area, maybe they are just a bit cautious or passionate about it. So technical term will never let them reach you via search engine searches.

5. Be elegant.
The best look for a blogger is an elegant look with clear and a good sized fonts. Using fonts like Handwriting looks good bur is not at all a good option to go for. These type of fonts are hard to read at first glance and also, increase your site's loading time.

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