Friday, 6 April 2012

Bloggers Dynamic view is incompatible with Pinterest

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The latest rising site Pinterest, with the post on board by pining it functionality, is just too good to let you away. Apart from being a growing sharing site, this site also acts as a major traffic source to your website or blog. So you need to have an account now or in the coming future. But if you are a blogger user and have dynamic views enabled, then this new cool thing Pinterest may be a hectic job.

Pinterest is unable to add images from any blogger that uses Dynamic View. I had this view applies on this blog Sector Techno a few time ago.

But if you still feel like going with Dynamic View then you need to upload images manually via Upload Pin in Pinerest. This not only makes it a hectic task but also leads you in a major problem. And that major problem arises when you no longer have that image in your system then it may require to download it again.

Though that's another thing that Blogger family will act to make it compatible. But not immediately. They need to have it as a feedback, maybe they are unaware of this problem. So, you may have a compatible version in the coming future, but who wants to wait.

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