Thursday, 5 April 2012

Change default fonts of your template via HTML

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There are online fonts available for use in your template. If you are using a custom template and want to change the default fonts the here are the steps.

1. Go to Google web Fonts.

2. Select the fonts from the list.
REMEMBER- fonts may increase the loading time. And there are many users with different bandwidths. The users with lower bandwidth may experience problem in loading so select your font wisely. Don't go after the looks only.

3. Click on quick use button.

4. There you will get the code in third step in the page that opens.

5. Go to your template-
If you are using blogger then, go to template> edit HTML> Proceed.
Or open the template via text or Microsoft Visual Studios.

6. Paste the copied code just after the tag. Or replace it, template will already have a font. Or use Ctrl+F (try searching the word fonts with this command) to find this code.
Font name is in bold here, replace this code with the copied one. Or just change the name of the font by mere typing it, if the font name is of two or more words then put a "+" symbol between the two words.
For example if the font name is Great Vibes then, the code will be,

  • No space in the entire code. 
  • All must be replaced not only one. 
  • This will replace the font of Blog Title and Post Title not of the post body.

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