Monday, 9 April 2012

Change slider image of your blogger template

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If you have a slider in your template. When users start their blog, they usually go with either the free template provided by the blogger service you are using or free templates from the web.
Not this How To will let you know how to change the slider image via a bit of HTML section.

What is slider?

The series of images that scrolls at your home page. For example, go to home page of this blog a notice the sliding images.

How to get to HTML?

Sign in into your blogger account. Select that specific blogger blog. Go to template, their is the edit HTML button. Then click proceed.
NOTE- Always experiment with HTML in another blog that is for no purpose. And download the template before you apply the change.

Use Ctrl+F to find the image. Most commonly used term is Slide 1, 2, etc. If you still don't find it the go to your template in a web browser and notice the text that scrolls with the image.

What size I must crop the image to?

When you will find the image address open it up in a new tab of your browser. Now their is the exact size you require. Though that is a different thing that only this much section of your image will be displayed if you put it without cropping.
If the size is not visible than hover your mouse on the image tab it will show.

Where to upload or put the images?

Create a new post on blogger upload your images in that post and save it. No need to publish that post. Now, right click that image and copy the link address. And replace the default images address by pasting it there.

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