Friday, 6 April 2012

Earning online: Beware of Scam

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In this world of internet, there are a hundred opportunity to earn online. And more than a thousand websites claiming to give you these opportunities.

But do they actually PAY?

The answer is YES but not all. Some online sites are categorized under scam sites,that is, they trick your confidence and give you online work but they never pay.

Can they be detected?

No. Not directly.

How to know they are SCAM?

The answer is simple, use your common sense. But the thing is that when you are a beginner or don't have idea then these sites will prevent you from using your common sense.

1. First of all, maximum of these sites are PTC site, Paid to Click. Always have a note on the payout, the higher the payout, the faker it tends to be. Some PTC sites offers big sum for clicks like $10 or more. Never trust them, non can pay more than some cents.

2. Keep a track on what add you are viewing. You sign up with one PTC site and the ads embeded in it are of other PTC sites. Now thats a good confirmatory test.

3. Sites look alike the site you sign up with and the one in the ad looks alike. The different lies in the name some images and the currency like one says Dollars and the other says Euros.

4. Sites offering high payouts have high Cash outs (minimum threshold you need to reach to get paid in checks).  Till you reach that amount your account will get deleted.

Be safe!
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