Sunday, 29 April 2012

Know your exact technorati rank

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First of all technorati authority and technorati ranking are different.

Now, here mine technorati account shows an overall rank of 13817. But it is not the actual rank. There are over hundreds of blogs with same ranking. If you will click on any rank it will redirect you to the list page and there you can see there are upto thousand of blogs having same rank. This simply means that the blogs stand equivalent in accordance to technorati.

Here, overall rank is 13,817. But that is not exact.
Then what is the exact rank.
It is very simple to calculate it down. Click on your rank to open up the list. There are 25 blogs listed on a single page and in the address bar there is the page number.
So, I am on page 569 and on second number.

Actual rank is 569-1=568,
and I am on second number, therefore, 14200+2=14202.
That is the actual rank. And that is good, because there are 1,299,721 blogs registered on technorati. And I rank 14202, that is I am ahead of 1,285,519 blogs registered.

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