Thursday, 12 April 2012

Money, StumbleUpon and Digg

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As a beginner of blogger world, the utmost important aspect has always been money. The one who do it for fun, their story goes other way round. The start, make some unnecessary post, no traffic and a full stop to fun to blog and to rest all.

Now, most of the blogger need traffic. The basic reason lies behind the fact that traffic means money. So the higher the traffic the more you will be earning.

So the first priority goes to StumbleUpon and Digg. But you never ever will get with just your posts on the web, though it doesn't matter how much original content you are going with. Though, quality content does matter. But the question remains the same-
What will this quality give you when it was unable to get a decent traffic for itself?
Now, this thing will render you hopeless and will force you to stop and there it all ends. But you need to realize that, the traffic you receive is basically Good to get your stats rising, and maintaining some readers and maintaining some increment in your site's ranking. But no rise in CTR or your earnings.

Again the fact is simple, it just needs a thought. The traffic that gets to you comprises of the users that were not actually searching the web for exactly, the matter that they get too. If you feel you have some quality content posted on your blogger, you must be happy about it doesn't matter how much low your traffic is. Just like, you have a bunch of friends that take roaming about more seriously than studying and you have your created study material, and you only have them to have a look at it. They will look but will never go into it.
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