Friday, 13 April 2012

Send sms free from internet

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There are many sites that offer you with free services to send sms to any mobile. All for free.

1. way2sms

2. 160by2

3. Fullonsms

What I get from these?
These sites provide you with a contact directory in which you can save your contacts. Group messages. Scheduled Messages- write a message select the contact and schedule it, message will be send automatically to the user and the specified date and time.

How these sites earn?
From the home page to the login as well as member area there are a bunch of ad placed. Whenever theses ads are clicked these sites earn revenue.

Is there any problem?
Yes. If the user has activated DND (do mot disturb) service your message will not be received by him/her.

There are many more you might find while searching net.
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