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Six Web Apps Where You Can Share Your Favorite Stuff

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Due to the development of technology, many people who use internet for various types of jobs can still have the option of sharing the information to others.
There is various application software developed with enhanced features which make it easier for one to disseminate files to other people. Here are six web Apps where you can share your favorite stuff.


Freshbooks is among the software used to share files. It is used to check on time and act as an invoice tool for those who do freelancing jobs. Who love jobs base on project find it more useful. One can also use it to check their spending. It comes in different varieties but is not free software. However there is always a trial version for new users.


The UTorrent is software that allows users to distribute big files easily. These allow one to download bit torrent file which in turn will allow one to share digital information. It can be applied in windows, Mac operating systems and any type of Linux computer technologies in the market today.
It can allow the use to share files across internet. In order to work well the users have to downloaded and uploaded simultaneously for them to be distributed. For efficiency the use needs to update the version they are using often.


The kuler software is also one of the programmers that allow one to share files with others. Apart from sharing, kuler can also help in making and storing the files. It is a web based application. The uniqueness of it is that it allows one to share the color themes. This software allows the user to remember their most preferred color that will help them in designing new projects. The software is a mobile application technology and was initially made for the android platforms.


One can also use the DropBox to share their favorite stuff. It is mainly used to syncs files. It is one of the easiest and reliable in the market. Additionally it is easy to set up. It comes with other applications which allow the user to delete, make management easier and also upload files. All the functions are enabled because it has a web internet interface.
This is a free share application allowing one a 2GB storage area. Those who want more storage space in the site can pay annually for their space to be increased.


Some people who like sharing files and data across can also use Basecamp. This is a tool mainly used to collaborate projects. It is applied mainly in medium and small institutions. The tool allows the user to share while at the same time uploading files. One can also use the software to plan for their own doing lists and setting milestones. It is web based.


Another of the six web Apps where you can share your favorite stuff is the Google analytics. It is free of charge to users and is used mainly to track statistics on user's sites. Web designer’s find it more useful to check if what they have designed will work well. Users can make reports which can be shared to clients set ups.
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