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Test your website on different browsers without installing

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Whenever you set up a website or basically a template for your website or blog. You have no idea about it's compatibility with different browsers, that are available on and for different platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

If only have knowledge of its compatibility with very few browsers. For example, a Windows user can check only for Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, etc. and that too only the versions installed on his/her system. Similarly, a Mac user can check compatibility for Safari only.

There has to be some solution to overcome this.

1. Browsershot- This is an online service to check compatibility. This website offers to check compatibility for round about 142 browsers. You can choose from 142 browsers. The more the browsers you choose the slower the process will be. This service takes screenshot, as on the respective browser and uploads it to the website for the user to view.
It also gives you an option to preview your website in browsers with or without Java, Javascript and Flash. You can also select Preset, Screen size and Color depth.

2. IE NetRendered- This is a faster service if you only care about Internet Explorer, because this site give screenshot of only IE, that is, you have the freedom to check for only 8 versions of Internet Explorers. Though this site gives you an exact time required to process the entered site.

3. Pingdom- Testing you site via Pingdom don't checks the compatibility. Instead it checks the loading time and provides you with an insight into per component loading time and size. For example, in how much time image, javescript, fonts, etc. of your site loaded. Moreover you can have Performance Grade and Page Analysis. Also the page size like Sector Techno is of 1.1Mb.

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