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Understanding What Customers Want In A Shared Hosting Account

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It takes a tremendous amount of grass roots research to establish a feel for what makes a good hosting provider. This research will point to the appropriate strategy to acquire market share rapidly. It is also the best way to set the trajectory for a new hosting service provider. It is also a good way for existing providers to align any wayward strategies that may be showing signs of fatigue.

Know Your Customer

Know your customer from the perspective of what they really want. To understand the customer’s needs, it is not very complicated. The need is not met by sophisticated polling and expensive research. It is as simple as scouring the web for insight into the customer's mind. The best place to get this is to see all the comments that show up on review sites and comments that show up in forums. By browsing all these places one accumulates a certain customer intelligence without engaging even one person to lift a finger.
This strategy is effective as it is important for the principle starting the company to know the fabric of his customer's desires.  From here you will glean that most of the complaints people tend to have is really poor customer service. People can be convinced (depending on the target market) to part with higher rates, as long as they can get customer service that is as though the customer representative lives next door.

Package Products Wisely

When you start a hosting service, the market that is targeted determines your pricing and promotion strategy. If you are heading for high volume-high turnover-low cost strategy, then they packages you structure will reflect that. If you want to attract a different segment, a more sophisticated-less price conscious market with low turnover, then your strategy will differ substantially. Its usually wiser to start with a higher price lower volume strategy.

Keep Customer Satisfaction High

Whatever happens, make sure there is a culture within the organization and especially customer service to keep the customer happy at all costs. Even if it means throwing in freebies when things get out of hand just so the customer walks away from a crisis feeling respected and taken care off. Always talk to them and understand how better to serve them. Don't always be selling, instead always keep them happy. As long as you know what they want, that is easy to do.
Understating the customer is the key to take business away from competitors. It’s the reason why companies are successful. Remember the old adage, if it weren't for them, you'd be out of a job.
Written by Johnathan Henery. Be sure to visit for reviews of hosting companies like BlueHost.
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