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Web Design Agencies vs. Freelance Designers

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Software development companies have robust technical backgrounds.  Many developers are thus able complete projects that extend above and beyond basic software-oriented tasks.  In the eyes of the developer, web design is a similar process to that of software development.  This mindset makes many developers perfectly qualified to complete a variety of web design projects.

Software Development Agencies

Software developers are known for testing designs and finalizing products.  Software developers are thus great candidates to consider for your web design project.  Consider the fact that software developers are often dependable, reliable and thorough professionals that take pride in their work.  Clients can expect developers to look at requirements logically and write a detailed plan for reaching business goals.  There are surely benefits of hiring a software and web design agency to complete your project but this is not your only option.  You can also look to a freelancer.

The Pros of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelancers tend to have an overabundance of flexibility and freedom that enables them to take on various web design projects. Freelancers work over a contract or freelance schedule and are among the most creative individuals available for web design projects. Freelance agreements also leave plenty of room for negotiating a great deal. 

The Cons of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelance designers are beneficial but may fall short in areas that agencies excel.  For one, web design agencies staff specialists to call upon for specific tasks.  A freelance designer will most likely assume responsibility for all tasks.  Freelancers thus tend to lack the skills, experience and expertise of agency specialists.

More Aspects to Consider

Web design agencies are generally more established than freelancers.  Agencies also provide easier access to personal references and portfolio substance.  Agencies also tend to estimate the cost of work more accurately than freelancers.  The truth is that nobody likes surprises when it comes to web design prices.  If you want an upfront cost estimate that is accurate, then a web design agency may be the best way to go.  If money is a concern for your company or organization, consider also that the overall costs of hiring a web design agency generally exceed those of a freelancer.

The Bottom Line

It should be apparent that although web design agencies and freelancers have their own advantages, both are flawed in a couple of ways.  Many clients looking for web design services want to know which option is best, but it truly is a matter of figuring out which one is right for you.  Do an honest assessment of what you are looking for to figure out the best route to take.  Consider also the risks you are willing to take for the rewards.  It is quite possible that a freelance web designer is a better option than an agency – or vice versa.  Assess and decide.
Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a software development company specializing in a variety of web design services
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