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10 Most Exciting TV Technologies to rule 2012

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TV has been around for decades, but what really have made TV thrilling are the new technologies that are being released in 2012. Remember the days when TV first came out? Only a couple of channels were on TV and everything was in black and white, then came the days of colored TV, more channels, and then smaller and flatter TV's. Were now in a world where there are greater technologies that surpass just making a TV more brilliant in color, adding more channels, or making the TV thinner. 2012 is the year of the TV and it's only going to get better from here. The rising star of TV's in today's market is the LED TV.

1. Streaming from PC's

A technology that is fairly new to the TV market: PC Streaming. Although the technology existed quite some time ago for gaming consoles, the technology is new to TV's. Having the feature of streaming options built into the TV allows TV customers to stream live data including pictures, music, videos, and more straight from their personal computers directly onto their TV screens.

2. Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray has been out for some time but for TV's to come standard with the technology built in is quite new. Blu-Ray has picture quality that is outstanding in comparison to DVD's and the discs hold much more data for more video and bonus features many DVD movies could not offer.

3. SRS TheaterSound

This new technology optimizes all audio output directly from the TV and out into the environment. The hardware is built to reduce inconsistent volume, audio issues that may come along, and dimensionless sounds. This establishes a more realistic and entertaining environment for the TV customers.

4. LED Technology

LED TV's have been around for a while but the technology has been greatly re-mastered. With new black levels more vibrant, color production at its prime, and shadow details that are eye popping, LED TV's have the leading edge on the TV competition around the world.

5. 3DTV

The new crave in today's TV world is 3DTV. By wearing specially designed 3D TV glasses, customers can watch their TV in full 3D. With objects more realistic, colors deepened, and a more dimensional visual experience, 3DTV is taking over the TV world, especially for LED TV's.

6. Local Dimming

A new feature for 2012, local dimming has been created by top TV production companies to specifically lighten individual objects within the picture to create a more realistic environment. As normally with TV's, the entire screen is lit at the same temperature. This new feature creates almost a life like experience that is new for customers.

7. Intelligent Sensor

This feature automatically adjusts colorization and optimizes tones of the picture in a TV. All depending on the current light environment in the room the TV is located in, the Intelligent Sensor determines the best picture lighting for its viewers by being "smart" about its surroundings.

8. WiFi Connection Capabilities

WiFi has been around for many years, but its recently been implemented into the latest and greatest TV's of 2012. Having a built in WiFi TV enables its users to access multiple portals such as the internet, accessing information from other devices, and even downloading content directly to the TV.

9. Battery Operated 3D Glasses

Regular 3D glasses are no comparison to the new battery operated 3D glasses. These new glasses are specially designed to connect with the TV brand they are associated with and provide the most outstanding 3D experience for its users.

10. Updated Screen Sizes

55" step back! New LED TV's and other types of TV's are coming out with even more diameter measurements for their TV's for home use. Some TV's being released in 2012 are 73" or bigger!
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