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5 Most Popular Instant Messengers

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Everyone enjoys a good chat with friends and family and this has been highlighted by the increasing popularity of instant messengers on the internet. A great way to catch up on news, organise a meet up or just see how everyone’s doing, instant messengers have great appeal across users of all ages and locations.

There are now a wide range of these services available for download – the majority of which are released free of charge – but which are the most popular and why?

1. Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger was probably one of the most widely used Instant Messengers a few years ago and has continued to be updated regularly.

Providing a great service to users with a variety of functions, including face to face, high definition webcam chats, photo slideshows, online video watching and the ability to share great web links you’ve found, Windows Live offers a great user experience.

2. Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger integrates the process of instant messaging with its other Yahoo products, such as Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo toolbar, to provide an experience that covers all bases.

It contains some great security features and allows you a certain amount of privacy by deciding who can view your online status at any time.

3. Facebook Messenger

Since the induction of Facebook into the list of most popular websites, new and exciting features have been constantly developed. Focusing on communication and online interaction, Facebook offers users the chance to post comments on profiles and photos as well as engaging in direct chats via private messages or Facebook Messenger.

For many users, Facebook Messenger is now the main instant messaging service which they use and it has proven so popular that other services, such as Windows Live Messenger, allow you to integrate your Facebook account with their service.
A separate Facebook Messenger programme can also be downloaded and installed on computers, laptops and even smartphones – ensuring everyone is connected all of the time.

4. Skype

Skype has become one of the most dominant means of communicating over the internet, and for good reason. Providing a high quality face-to-face chat service, the software has become the number one way for people to keep in touch over long distance. Perhaps its biggest attraction is its price as, instead of paying extortionate telephone bills, you can chat to friends and family members over the internet for free.

5. Google Talk

Google are great when it comes to providing a unified service and they’ve excelled themselves with Google Talk.

The software allows you to instant message anyone with a GMail account. However, instant messaging is not its only feature and it also boasts file transfer capabilities and voice chat.
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