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Convert pdf and images into word

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What’s your opinion about extracting text from pdf as well as image files?
I am going to make a PowerPoint presentation. I have got an image and a pdf supply with all the text I have to input in both image as well as pdf. This job is really a time consuming and will definitely cause pain in your back.
What if you could extract text from the image? All the work would go easy.

1. Extract text from image (Free OCR)- It is now possible to get text extracted from image with Free OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The service is free of any charge. You don’t even need any registration or email address. So no worry thinking that you will get spammed.
The service is compatible with JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
NOTE- Text extracted is not exact entirely. So there is a need to go through but still some job is done. You can do the work in lesser time and less pain. But the accuracy depends on the quality of the image file supplied and the kind of text on the page.

Look for the difference in two images below-
Original Screenshot
Screenshot of the text extracted

2. Extract text from pdf ( This service is available on a number of websites. But this one outstands them all. And it can extract text, images and fonts from the pdf supplied or you can directly enter the url to the pdf. Fonts detected can be downloaded in .zip format.

Unlike other services there are no limitations on the number of times you can use the services. 
So now you can even take photographs of printed pages and upload to get your work done easily. 

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