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Create app for free

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1. appsbar- The platform provides you with a very easy to use user-friendly environment to create applications. A built in wizard called ‘Digi’ will guide you through the entire process of app creations in just three simple steps. The platform provides with a number of themes, icon, and backgrounds to choose from and if you still don’t find one you can upload from your system’s drive. So, you can have your own logo. Your app can have About page, links to Social media like facebook and twitter, Contact forms, menu, RSS feeds by providing your RSS feed link, photos, videos, etc.
After completing your app submit it. Appsbar team will go through it to make sure it meets Google’s quality standards. 10 to 15 days after submission, the app will be live in Google Play Store.

2. iBuildApp-  Not just a app building platform, it is CMS (content management system).
Submissions to Google Play store are free. You are allowed to update your app in real time after getting it published. Whereas, for iOS $299 is charged are for developer licence and distribution costs.

3. buzztouch- The best thing that buzztouch provides is ‘Buzztouch U’ an online mini university to let you learn. Membership ranges from unpaid to paid. But there are no premium features if you will upgrade, only the number of apps you can keep in control panel, server to host.

4. andromo- Helps you create native Android apps. You can embed your app with videos, maps, Flickr galaries, music player or RSS feeds.Free versions will have banners for advertising, but the good thing is the team shares with you 50% of revenue collected. Stiill if you don’t want ad banners you can pay one-time fee of $99. Also, you are allowed to sell your app on app stores after paying fee.

5. AppMakr- It lets you create apps compatible with iOS, Android or Windows Phone. AppMakr requires the link of the website for which you want to make an app and then automatically grabs images from the given link and displays for easy selections. But still you have an option to put it from another url or from your system's drive. You can also hire a professional directly from your dashboard.
The platform provides you with predefined sharing buttons, that allows the users to share the content to Facebook, twitter or email directly from the app. App creator provides with push notifications service, which is free for first 100 notifications afterwards you can opt to pay $50.
Here also there are two versions apps Free and paid ($79/mo to have full controls like charging for your apps and your own ad banners). Though for publishing your app for iPhone you need to have an developer account which is charged $99/year.

6. MIT App Inventor- Apps will be compatible only with Android devices. It requires Google logins. So, having a Google account is a necessary step. The platform is more complicated as compared to others. Although there are much more features available.
Appinventor has three sections Teach (Educator Resources), Learn (Information and Tutorials) and Invent (create mobile apps).
Appinventor do not allow direct submissions to Google Play store. Instead it alloes to download ‘.apk’ file to your system and the send it to your Android device. 

7. infinitemonkeys- Drag and drop app making platform. Pricing varies in accordance to membership starting from free to $499. Your apps will have small banners from Google which when clicked will help the team earn some revenue. If you don’t want those adds than there are pro versions of membership available. There are more features than only removal od ad banners. The apps compatibility is for Android, iPhone/iPad and HTML5 smartphones.

Basically all of these platforms works on same three step scheme-
Step one- Gather your content
Step two- Drag and Drop
Step Three- Publish.

1. iPhone would not approve any article with low amount of content. So, if you are including RSS feed make sure that your articles are good in length.
2. Publishing Android apps on Google Play requires an account on it's developer console which is charged $25.
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