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Edit scanned documents

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Whenever a document is scanned the digital image file produced has a lot of imperfections. The text of the document is grayish rather than black and the white paper appears yellowish.

Scan Tailor is a freeware that can help efficiently in removing many of these imperfections. You have to supply the scanned document image in a folder. It won’t accept image file directly. The out put can be taken in three different formats black & white, color / Grayscale and mixed. The software may sometime get confused between image and text, that is, it may pick up text as an image and will not make the required changes. So, the freeware come with a kind of pen tool that enables you to manually select the colored area and no changes will be made in it. This functionality will work only in mixed mode. Moreover you can change the DPI of output file as per your choice.

Original Scanned Document

After editing with Scan Tailor

You can download the freeware for Windows and Linux based operating systems. This is a open source freeware so even source code are available for download.

The version ( was released on February 27, 2012.
We provide Windows binaries and the source code to build both Windows and GNU/Linux versions.
Check official site of Scan Tailor for latest versions and compile your next version with scan tailor and be better than ever.

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