Thursday, 24 May 2012

Facebook adds reach in individual post

| Thursday, May 24, 2012 | |

First of all What is Reach?
Reach measures the number of people who received impressions of a Page post. The reach number might be less than the impressions number since one person can see multiple impressions.
Previously a user was able to see the reach only through insights or the graphical overview on the Facebook fan page. But now with this new feature a user will be able to have a look on the reach just below the post.

Moreover, with the graphical insight overview a user can only have a look on the entire number of reach. That is, if you have updated your Facebook fan page with more than one post than reach will be shown as whole whereas with this per post reach a user will be able to see the exact number of people reached for every post.

Hovering or clicking on the percentage will show another graphical representation with the data.
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