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How You Can Download Free Garmin Nuvi Maps

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Did you know you can download free Garmin map updates for your Nuvi GPS device?  Believe it or not, this is possible – however as a Garmin customer they will want to you fulfil a certain amount of criteria in order to qualify for free Garmin GPS map updates.  In its most simple terms, unless you are a new customer who has recently bought a Garmin Nuvi then you probably won’t be able to get a free GPS map upgrade. 

The Garmin nuMaps Policy

But if you are a new customer then you are in luck, because you can take advantage of Garmin’s nuMaps Guarantee policy.  This states that any new customer or owner of a Garmin Nuvi GPS, who has registered their product on the myGarmin website, and depending on if the Nuvi has received a satellite signal within the first 90 days of this period - then you are allowed to download a one-off version of the latest mapping software and data.

Register the Garmin Nuvi on the Official Website

As long as you register the Nuvi device and have a decent Internet connection – plus the compatible USB cable that comes with the packaging – then getting your Garmin GPS map update for free should take no longer than an hour.  The whole process will install the most current version of City Navigator NT which is the mapping software that comes on all North American and European Nuvis.
If you happen to fall outside of that magical 90 day period then you will be disappointed that you cannot get a free map – but don’t worry too much because there are some very cheap Garmin map updates and options that will still be available to you upon registration.

Alternative Options to Free Garmin Nuvi Maps

A one-off refresh of data costs $49.99 which when spread across the life time of your ownership of the product would surely be cost effective.  The other option you have is to download new Garmin maps up to four times annually – but this one is a little more expensive coming in at $89.99.

Need Maps for a New Country or Region?

Perhaps you are not after an update, but instead need completely new mapping data for the Nuvi GPS when travelling to a new continent?  Well that’s also easy as the City Navigator NT software is available for not only individual countries, but also who regions depending on what your travel plans are and where you want to go and when.

Summary on Updating Your Garmin

To summarise, you should always check on the myGarmin website on a regular basis because it doesn’t only serve up new map updates but will also tell you whether there are any other software installs you need to consider.  Plus the support section is second to none so if you do have any problems with the Garmin Nuvi (or Zumo) GPS then it’s very easy to get that by accessing the informative FAQs and problem resolution finder.
Author's Bio: Bob Simmons regularly guests posts on automotive and technology websites regarding GPS and satellite navigation subjects.  Bob also runs his own service online which gives car drivers all the information they need in order to update their GPS products.  His latest website is which has articles on the Honda Navigation System, Navteq DVD updates, as well as an article recently published which has further information on how you can update your Garmin – please read: Free Garmin Nuvi Maps for further details.
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