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Make a pro video with low budget

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Every time any kind of multimedia is used from an image with text to slide shows and videos, average time spent increases and bounce rate decreases. So why not have a video for the next post. The concept is simple make use of every possible resources and the rest is creativity.

Use the room with carpet

Sound travels in every direction and has the property of being reflected. When the sound of your speech or the stuff discussed is reflected and the reflected sound falls on mic it causes unnecessary sounds recording. The only way to overcome is stop the reflection of sound. So use the room with carpet as carpet is a porous sound absorber. Moreover you can put wool stuff and fur teddy bear a small distance away from mic and out of frame. 
Aerated plaster, fibrous mineral wool and glass fiber also absorb sound. But all these will actually reduce the intensity of reflected sound. All sound will not be absorbed.


Aiming a low budget how one can have a pro looking background. Choose a clear light background. White or a bit grey is the best. Now after recording video put your transparent logo (they are in .png format) in any corner of the white background using windows movie maker or others. For mac users iMovie is the best.
Or desktop with your logo or topic running full screen as a presentation but remember to turn off automatic screen turn offs.
At the best you can practice a symposium with a slide show running in background on your desktop’s screen or LCD.
In case you don’t want a logo you can use any clear dust free background like a bookshelf, etc.


If you are dealing with any video featuring tutorial or feature of any website. The best way to look pro is 3 simple steps-
1. Open in new Tab- Rehearse your tutorial and open every new page in a new tab. Problem may occur only if you are dealing with flash. Right click in flash shows zoom in and out menu rather than the usual which has open link in new tab.
2. F11- Use this key to enter full screen mode. Now you can cover the website instead of covering the web browser’s window and menus.
3. Ctrl+Tab- Use this key combination to switch between the tabs you will be able to shorten the length of the video. If you have a slow connection then this works way too good. And even if you have a higher speed even then there is some time spent in loading and processing, you will save it.


1. Keep energy balance- Your video must not have you looking dull you must show some energy and brightness in eyes. But this doesn’t mean you start with energy and end dull or vice-versa.
2. Never smash the table it looks way too much weird. Well I have been watching since high school and recently I discovered one video on YouTube too.

Your position-

Stand- Generally this is the best positions for full frame and till shoulder frames. People tend to change their postures more in case of sitting than in the case when standing. Though, it is necessary if you are running a food blog.
Sit when reviewing a product- So, if you are creating any hands on review video than you must have seat and a table. The main reasons are product comparison and taking the entire product in frame for a small amount of time.

Some other points

Put a heap of books on a well surfaced table it will act as a tripod, if you don’t have one.
Do it in morning the natural lights work best.
Switch off your fan- Technically speaking the sound you hear from your ceiling fan is not the sound of the fan, it is the sound of the air.
Maintain some distance from the mic. It will help you reduce your breath sounds.
Be well dressed as if going for a job interview.

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