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Mechanism of email- The Story of Send

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Ever wonder what happens every time you email via gmail. What is the actual path the mail follows? And it is not as simple as-
  1. You send a mail
  2. It gets converted from digital to analog signals in modem.
  3. It reaches exchange or the server.
  4. The recipient receives it.

The actuall process is different. To let the users know it Google has created The Story of Send. A website that will take you through the depth of gmail in 9 steps that actually features the path followed. The website is stuffed with photos and videos also which will show more insight into the process.


  1. It Starts With Send
  2. Over to Google
  3. Safe and Secure
  4. Smart Heat
  5. Clear Instructions
  6. An Efficient Server Floor
  7. Hard Working Machines
  8. Clean Power
  9. Instant Delivery
After going through these nine steps you will discover how hard Google plays to get you the service. How secure it is?

Videos features-

  1. At the Data center- See Google's security measures in action in this video tour.
  2. Efficiency Pays Off- Hear from expert engineers on why they decided to turn up the heat in Google's data centers.
  3. Industry Recognition- Get the inside scoop on how Google became the first major Internet services company to gain external certification for our high environmental standards.
  4. Smart Water Use- See how Google cooling system in Douglas County conserves water and help Google do their part to keep the local Chattahoochee River clean. 
  5. Better Electricity- See how electricity travels through Google's equipment in the most efficient way. 
  6. Staying Cool- Learn all about how Google use seawater to cool Google's data center in Hamina, Finland. 
  7. Making a Real Difference- Find out about a few projects that help Google reduce carbon emissions outside of Google and eliminate Google's impact on climate change. 
  8. Greening Our Grid- Learn more about how Google's clean power purchases benefit the renewable energy industry and the environment. 

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