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Online Video Marketing Is On The Rise

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They say your eyes’ are the windows to your soul. One of the many benefits of a video is the ability to see the person you are having a conversation with. However, many social media networking sites are not able to accomplish this task as you are only able to upload links to sites where you are able to have a video displayed. With online video marketing you have the ability to watch someone live, to look at their body language and lastly, to look into their eyes.
 For those of you that are unaware – online video marketing is definitely on the rise. Looking at this new form of marketing from the social media department’s perspective, there is definitely potential for this marketing strategy to go viral. Below you will find easy ways that online video marketing could benefit you.

1. Increasing Traffic with your Title

You always hear that headlines for a blog post can lead to some serious traffic to your website, but do you know that the same can be said for video titles. The amount of traffic that could be gained due to your headlines could leave you speechless. If a title is interesting enough, consider the reader hooked. Also, one need to bear in mind that you need to include the appropriate keywords in your title as these words are what drives the search engines crazy. YouTube is owned by Google, so automatically there is a strong connection between the two.

2. Provide the Content your Clients Like

As in a blog post, a video post needs to be made up of content that the viewer would consider interesting. Most times viewers are looking for help so therefore “How-to” videos would be perfect. Coincidently these are the types of videos that are the most successful.

3. Record video interviews

Record video footage of the experts as they explain in detail what your client or customer can and cannot do with what you provide. When hearing this tip often readers think that it is not a useful tip but when you get experts on camera it is a brilliant marketing technique. It not only allows you as the interviewers to meet the expert and create amazing content but also allows you to learn some expertise from the experts themselves. The expert will create a link to that article which will in turn create more traffic to your website.

4. The Shorter, The Better

The experts say that you need to focus on large quantity of short videos instead of doing long videos. There is much more power in shorter videos than you would think. The shorter the video the easier it is to download and the quicker it is to watch. When a video takes too long to download the customer might even cancel the download and the video doesn’t even reach the consumer. Most consumers also tend to have a much shorter attention span and in most cases they do not even make it to the end of the video. Lastly, once the short video is downloaded it makes it much faster and easier to transfer from one device to another than a long video.
Lindse Marco is a social media intern at ROI Media.
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  2. I found your blog whlile checking for online video marketing and this is really a nice post. It helps a lot to know.

  3. Yes. Long videos are a bit boring. Not everyone has a fast and smooth internet connection, and the patience to wait for an online video to buffer, so better make video advertisements short and clear. Deliver your messages straight to the point. State your intentions clearly and be creative in your videos. Create a balance between text and graphics so as not to bore your audience. Voiceovers can also be used as a substitute for text, though the main obstacle there would be casting your voice actor.

    Rose Ector

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