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Optimise Your Online Portfolio for House Sitting Positions

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It is a big world with plenty of opportunity but it can be difficult to draw the right attention to your house sitting experience when you are looking for a job. This is why it is so important to understand that you need to optimise your online portfolio. The field of house sitting may be rather saturated, because everyone wants to get on board with looking after luxurious homes in luxurious destinations as a full-time profession. This is why it is important to know how to optimise your portfolio so it stands out from the rest.

Optimise Your Online Portfolio

  • Because online is the new world that people inhabit, it is important to ensure you get as many people looking at your portfolio as possible so you will be looking at as many jobs as possible. On your site you should include:
  • Lots of online photos of previous experiences.
  • Videos of the areas where you have house sat also gives your online portfolio a more interactive and live feel.
  • References and testimonials are a must if you want people to know that you are trustworthy and responsible. If you were looking online for someone to look after your home while you were away, would you trust it if the person did not have references?
  • Describe what animals you are trained to look after. Many home owners hire people to look at their pets too. If someone has taken the time to hire a pet sitter then you must know they clearly love their animals. Your online portfolio would also look great if you had photos of the animals you have looked after.
  • All house sitting agencies require a police check and your site would be hugely optimised if you had your police check on the site. It already sets any concerns to rest for potential clients.
  • Link your portfolio to Twitter and Facebook.
Many people do not actually think that when they put their portfolios online they are actually selling their reputation.  Many clients look online for house sitting candidates and many will decide against candidates because they did nothing to optimise their online portfolios. House sitting is a big deal for anyone letting a perfect stranger into their homes so a fully optimised site is a must for anyone looking to take on this position. Now would be a good time to get cracking on optimising your online portfolio.
Vida Denning is a freelance writer who enjoys a variety of freelance positions. She is investigating house sitting in London and joining a pet sitters club as she loves animals and needs a change of scenery.
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