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Promote blog in 10 steps

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Promoting every blog is a basic need for every blog to survive the tough competition that online world sets up for you. Though stumbleupon, twitter, facebook, etc are the top list to do so but that never means to let any other service ignored you can use Digg too. Though dig don’t lets a heavy amount of traffic in but still it proves itself as an important tool for covering search engine searches.

Why to promote?

Let’s say you have a nice thought in your mind. You jotted it down and then things start flowing. Now that article is an outstanding article. But still it is of no value if it remains in the pages of that notebook which is now on your shelf.
Now, if you really care to know it’s value you need to get that article published in a magazine or newspaper. But which one. Now, where your article will actually get published, will decide the true value of your article. If you want to select the newspaper you go for the one with largest circulation so that it gets to maximum possible readers around the globe.

Don’t be shy.

Some people are shy of their creativity because it is not too good to get acceptance. And they don’t want to appear as a dumb in front of a global audience. But you must know one thing a good post may make the user want to know you and when the user don’t find you they get disappointed.

Use your own social platform

When you are decide to set a brand page on facebook or twitter. You feel like going a high-profile way. A new mail id, a new twitter and facebook account. That is not what you need to do. Go the simplest way or you will get cluttered with id’s and passwords.
Don’t get yourself cluttered by making a new account for you blog.

Research the net

 Ultimate source of knowledge is the internet. The thing is simple see the best to be the best. You need to know some rest is your creativity and power to express. You to know the basic the pro is in you, just let your thoughts flow to the maximum extent. Though sometimes you are not able to find what you are exactly searching for because you are searching the wrong way by using the wrong words. The exact term to use is basically called the keyword and it helps to get searched more easily.

Single Output

Blog promotion serves as the first single output to the global online world. Doesn’t matter if you have a single subscriber or a thousand, it is always a good option to keep an additional gateway open to get new users landing up on your page all the time. Though, the thing is some user accidently land on your page and this causes a higher bounce rate. This basically happens when somebody is randomnly stumbling upon but don’t worry about that. It has always been said something is better than nothing.

First Impression- Ignore if you don’t have any other option

It is a thing that makes maximum free users feel down. There are two things in the world of blogging that makes the first impression-
1.       Domain name- This is not the actual problem. Though, some users won’t ever open you blog because of a free domain name. And if you are worried about that thinking that free domain is a hindrance in your blogs success. You are absolutely wrong. Google itself has its blogs running on blogspot domain, and still it ranks high. Try searching technorati for bloggers official blogs ranks.
2.       Your theme- This is somehow a problem you can’t get rid off easily. And practically speaking this is a the basic thing required for somebody guest posting on your blog. The rest of the blog depends upon the quality of content and that’s in your hands or basically in your keyboard.

Avoid and don’t expect

If you are up and ready to share your facebook and other social media pages with your friends, then there is one simple thing to keep in mind. Don’t ever thing to get maximum likes from your friends, some of them don’t even open the page. Sometimes they don’t know or they don’t care.
If you are high on expectations then it will get to your nerves thinking your friends were good till they were in the side list. I myself had over 100 friends I send request to them all and successfully received 14 likes. Funny!

Twitter- takes time

If you feel like blowing up twitter, you are again wrong. Twitter takes time to get some genuine followers who feel like having a look on what you have to say. Though you are fully allowed to use platforms like twiends to get additional followers but that won’t work. The followers you will get through twiends are interested in promoting their own content rather then peeking into yours. Or you can say they all are there for what you are.


Retweets are more important than tweets. And they only come from somebody actually interested in your blog or its content.
Now, if you know about the twitter search. Then you must try it too. I tried searching for my blog on twitter and there were two or three retweets that too from platforms like digg. So basically my own tweets were actually a waste but still I tweet and even you must because neither retweet means your page in accessed, nor it means that they are the only ones.


A new way to share and get traffic. The concept and features are awesome. But blogger users who are using dynamic views may find problems. You cannot add a pin because pinterest is unable to track down image from a dynamic view enabled blogger blog. Though you can still upload but that is a hectic job to upload an image.
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