Monday, 28 May 2012

Share Button Placement

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The social media share buttons doesn't matter floating or not are of great value today. Specially in blog world or if you want to share anything that worth. Moreover, it is a good option to provides you with active traffic.
There are share buttons available free and paid, the difference in the number of site that it provides.
But these buttons negatively impact your site if not placed properly. Few days back I configured my buttons and found that they were far away from the content so I moved them close but what actually happened. They moved close in accordance to my screen but not every screen.

Notice, it is set to left:50px. That means 50 pixels away from the left border of your browser. So, the one using a small screen desktop and laptops will have the share buttons over the content area and the user will close your weblog or website the very instance they opened it, increasing the bounce rate.
So the best is to put the value 1px or 0px.
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